Just yesterday I said that the Democrats were pushing to nuke the justice system to destroy Kavanaugh.

Here is Senator Mazie #MeToo Hirono of Hawaii doing just that.

Yes, you heard that right.

A woman who made a life destroying accusation should not be questioned or have her credibility suspect in any way.

Men need to “just shut up and step up” and accept the legal, career, and social consequences of guilt without defending themselves.

There are no less than four Constitutional amendments in the Bill of Rights that protect the rights of the accused and convicted.

It is the single most important thing our Founding Fathers protected in the Bill of Rights.  Freedom of speech, the press, religion, assembly, are all jammed together in the First Amendment.  Gun rights into the Second.  Property and privacy rights into the Fourth.  Amendments Five through Eight are just about criminal and civil trials and conviction.

It’s been said, if you don’t support one Amendment, it’s likely you don’t support the rest.

Well in their haste to resist Trump and gain control of the Supreme Court, Senator Hirono just took a shit on the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “A US Senator calls for nuking the justice system”
  1. James Woods tweeted an epic response: “There are hallowed American cemeteries around the globe filled with men who did the right thing, you sexist witch. Go fuck yourself.”

    Well put James.

  2. I bet there is a woman in Hirono’s past that would say he acted inappropriately in some fashion. She should be found and then see what he has to say about men shutting up and her being believed.

    1. Hirono is a “she”, though.
      It amazes me that Dems try to resurrect Jim Crow ever other Sunday. Instead of understanding that denying access to justice based on race is a shameful part of America’s long-ago history, they want to have it again, slightly tweaked to be based on gender instead.

  3. They only want to remove the Constitutional protections from well-off white guys who are accused as a political hit. They’ll keep the presumption of innocence — demand it! — for the thug threatening you with a knife and demanding you go to some secluded place with him.

  4. A woman who made a life destroying accusation should not be questioned or have her credibility suspect in any way.

    I wonder if Sen. Hirono believes Juanita Broaddrick’s credibility should not have been questioned or suspected in any way.

    But every word out of her mouth on this has been uber-feminist man-hating horse crap.

    I wonder how she keeps getting elected if she constantly and openly accuses 50% of her constituents of malfeasance like this.

    At this point, any male who continues to vote for her is asking, nay begging, to have his [REDACTED] surgically removed and fed back to him. In a dog bowl on the floor.

    Oh, right. Hawai’i. She’s a shoo-in for life.

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