Mugger holding UPS package beats woman with weighted sock, robs her of $25 in NYC building: cops

A mugger pictured in surveillance footage holding a UPS package beat a woman with a weighted sock and robbed her of $25 inside the elevator of a Manhattan building over the weekend, police said Sunday.

The 26-year-old victim was getting off the lift in the building at East 27th Street and Third Avenue in Kips Bay at around noon on Saturday when the creep pulled her back in and beat her “multiple times” in the back of the head with what cops described as “a sock filled with an unknown object.”

He then grabbed the small amount of cash from her bag and fled on a bike, according to police.

Surveillance images released by the NYPD showed him wearing a black outfit and grey cap with lanyard around his neck while toting a UPS package and luggage.

Several lessons here.

UPS drivers wear a very specific brown uniform.  Situational awareness should alert you to something that isn’t right.  We see this fake delivery man tactic used by thieves.  Their fake uniforms are generally very bad.  Paying attention to what the person is wearing and if it looks real is a big tip.

That said, one of tye reasons I have a burning hatred for NYC is a culture of noticing nothing.  New Yorkers are so saturated with insane shit that they turn off situational awareness.  Don’t ever do that.

In addition, a weighted sock is nothing to ignore.  It is a potentially lethal weapon.

People need the ability to defend themselves, and these Blue shithole cities make that virtually impossible.

Bruen needs to be enforced so good people are not outmatched by a guy with a rock in a sock.

And if you can help it, stay the fuck out of NYC.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “A weighted sock is why Bruen needs to be enforced”
  1. You make some very valid points here, however, none of your points will do any good in nyc as you pointed out… nyc idiots don’t have common sense or situational awareness… Lets build a wall around it and fill it with water…

    1. I point it out to use NYC as an example for the rest of us so we don’t have to learn their lessons the hard way.

  2. Exactly right J.kb, when you’re not in your usual element, trust no one, be ready, be alert, and have a plan to create enough distance to bring defensive force to bear, to give yourself a fighting chance to survive. Where I live, seldom will there be such jeopardy. However, Tampa, Orlando and Miami do necessitate a more robust strategy.

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