According to Webster, abolish means: to completely do away with (something).

I seem to remember not too long ago another slimy fuck had some made up grievance and tried to abolish my people.

That’s why I own guns and understand the importance of the phrase “never again.”

Woke bullshit taught in universities today is just a passive aggressive version of what was said in German in the 1930s.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Abolish what now?”
  1. From an article about him:
    “In whiteness studies, whiteness is the problem to be posed, if not also solved,” Leonardo told students last year at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development.”

    Change the word to ‘jewish’ or ‘black’ and you have a nazi/klan speech right there.

    Here’s the full speech.

    None of it makes any sense. It’s incoherent rambling from beginning to end.

    “Neo-eugenics” is the proper name for all this.

  2. Yeah, but jeez, anyone else notice he’s using an overhead project for his presentation. I haven’t seen one of those in decades. Talk about high tech, 1970’s style.

  3. When the white people are abolished, make sure to abolish all the things that whites invented (e.g., phones, computers, airplanes, motor vehicles), ya know, just to keep the non-whites from being corrupted. 😉

    1. Ah, but history is being rewritten! In the new history books, all those things were invented in Africa and stolen by European colonists.
      1966: “Is Russian inwention!”
      2022: “That was invented by an African!”

        1. Is Egypt African? It isn’t entirely clear how many places independently invented writing; the answer appears to be either 3 or 4. Mayan, Chinese, and either Sumerian and/or Egyptian. For those last two it’s not really clear if we’re talking two independent inventions or one that spread rapidly to the other.

      1. I’m reminded of an article a few weeks ago describing Chinese attempts to claim that skiing was invented in China.

  4. The telling sentece in this lecture is his saying that this is all about race and not class. Unfortunately he is wrong and he is trying to protect his class. If the blue collar and lower middle class and poor just started talking they would find out that we have much in common. And that ,in my opinion, is what he is trying to foment racial hatred to keep the underclass from realizing that we are being played

  5. He knows EXACTLY what he is saying. They hate white people and desire nothing less than the literal complete and total mandated extermination of every single solitary genetically white person in earth along the literal complete and total extermination of all human life in earth that has a hue of skin that is white. This opinion is shared by nearly every single government in the western world. For example over 90% of white democrat party members support this along with pretty much every single solitary leader in Western Europe. They may be white but because they are elite they feel they will be spared from the genocide. And that is partially true since they would be the ones to start it.

  6. I think the “problem of whiteness” can be easily solved with minimum of bloodshed by a targeted resettlement program for Leonardo and his ilk in West Africa or Central Africa where they will be surrounded by Blackness far from any white devils.

  7. In the Woke Religion, people like this are the equivalent of tent revival preachers.

    They preach a Leftist version of fire and brimstone, make the attendees feel all sorts of heavy feelings of guilt and shame, they weep and wail about their whiteness and privilege sins, give testimony on how they will strive to become better allies, throw some money in the plate, and return to life as normal the next day.

    Tom Wolfe’s “The Me Generation” essay has a fair amount on the beginning of this sort of Leftist religiosity.

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