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Again, I don’t understand the YouTube algorithm, but this video came up in my recommended list.

For $800 per month, this guy lives in an apartment which is the size of my master bedroom walk in closet.  Just my closet.  My wife has her own closet.  He also has to share a bathroom with four other apartments.  Not like a dorm bathroom with multiple stalls, just a single small bathroom.

From that video, I got linked to this one.

Compared to the other guy’s 78 square foot apartment, 90 square feet is down right palatial.  She leveled up from living in my bedroom closet to living in my master bathroom.

She even has her own bathroom compared to the other guy.

After watching the second video, I understand why the first guy is paying more for less.  He’s stupid.

Any architect that didn’t design a loft sleeping space to take advantage of the one asset he has, high ceilings, is a pretty terrible architect.  No wonder he lives in a hovel.

Their combined rent is more than my mortgage and living space is less than my master bedroom.

At least the woman seems happy.  Every time that guy chuckled it sounded like a depressed cry for help as the reality that he is spending a third of his salary to live in half the square footage of a parking space and eat cold peanut butter out of the jar while waiting for one of his neighbors to get out of the bathroom so he can take a piss.

*A standard US parking space is 8.5×18 feet or 153 sq-ft.

“Yes I live in an apartment the size of a pantry that makes a spartan dorm room feel like Versailles, but it’s a pantry in Manhattan.”

This is not a lifestyle, this is a mental illness.

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  1. First of all, if you want to live in Manhattan (and that name is not immediately followed by Beach), you are an idiot. Full stop.

    As a parolee from the metro NY area, I can assure you, living in Manhattan is for suckers. Heck, taking the LIRR into Manhattan is a waste of time for anything other than work. Everyone I know that ever wanted to live in the City wanted to because “I can go see plays, music, there are great restaurants, etc…etc…etc..” and they never did ANY of those things. Instead, they went to the same coffee shops, restaurants, and bars all the time, never went to a Broadway play (but, dammit! They could if they wanted to) and concerts? I think one person I know did once. And they would have gone to that concert anyway.

    Nope, no reason to live in Manhattan. No reason to live in the greater NYC area unless you are on Wall Street frankly.

  2. I wouldn’t live in NYC if you offered me a fully furnished luxury apartment overlooking Central Park, rent free. The people who want to live in cities, much less brutally congested liberal cities like NYC might as well be from another planet.

  3. Sympathy is between shit and suicide in the dictionary. What does living in a closet in manhatten have to do with “fair” companies??? Gotta luv liberals. No i didnt watch the video too early for libtard whine.

  4. One of the keys to understanding the average American progressive is that they embrace Socialism because they think it means living in Perpetual College (Parties! Free shit! Lots of sex! No real work! Weed & booze!).

    In this case, we see that they’re right, but it’s the other aspect of college that predominates- You’re broke! You live in a cramped closet! You have to share a nasty bathroom with 4 guys, one who has chronic diarrhea! You’re really too tired to go to any parties, not that it matters because nobody ever invites you! The only sex being had is by the person on the other side of the wall when you’re trying to sleep!

  5. That first one shows some serious mental illness or just plain stupidity. He works from home. So why the hell does he want to have that home in Manhattan? He could be renting (or buying!) something nice in a more congenial environment and working from THAT home. You know, with an office that isn’t also his pantry, his bedroom, and his freaking closet!

    I understand that he might not want to buy or rent more than he needs, but he almost certainly needs more than that. Maybe being an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian has rotted his brain.

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