By the mid- to late-1960s, however, schizophrenia was a diagnosis disproportionately applied to the hospital’s growing population of African American men from urban Detroit. Perhaps the most shocking evidence I uncovered was that hospital charts “diagnosed” these men in part because of their symptoms, but also because of their connections to the civil rights movement. Many of the men were sent to Ionia after convictions for crimes that ranged from armed robbery to participation in civil-rights protests, to property destruction during periods of civil unrest, such as the Detroit riots of 1968. Charts stressed how hallucinations and delusions rendered these men as threats not only to other patients, but also to clinicians, ward attendants, and to society itself. You’d see comments like Paranoid against his doctors and the police. Or, Would be a danger to society were he not in an institution.

via How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease: An Interview with Jonathan Metzl | Psychology Today.

So there goes the “potential to be abused” because it has been abused for political purposes in this country. Now we are left with the idea that one of the best detectors of future behavior is to look at past behavior and we know that there are some in the Mental Health branch of the healing arts that see us as bug-shit crazy and in serious need of spending the rest of our lives in a facility.

This is an excerpt from “Blacks in the Army Air Forces During World War II: The Problems of Race Relations” by Alan M Osur.

mental health check to own a gun1

You can substitute black/negro with Gun Owner, and you are pretty  much reading the comments we have seen emanating from the followers of CSGV or Moms Demand.

Hate always finds a target.

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