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Why the name GunFreeZone?

It has been asked and I guess it is not as obvious as I originally thought. First there is facetious intention behind it. There are (or were, I haven’t checked lately) other GunFreeZones out there covering the Anti Rights side of the Gun Issue. I staked a claim with the idea of providing an opposing view and hopefully somebody looking for information might read it and create a chink in the armor of lies from the other side. I enjoy the fact that is contradictory. Who in our side of things would ever be so deranged as to call his blog Gun Free Zone? That would be me in a very cheek in tongue manner.

Or if you want the short version: “I am just messin’ with y’all!”

For many years I lived under an isolated set of rules & ideas which forbid me to be able to defend myself or my loved ones. Options and opposing views were not allowed or simply quenched under the banner of violence leads to more violence. A mix of sheer luck and quick thinking allowed me to survive several incidents unarmed, but I did not fool myself into thinking I was gonna be able to ride the wave of good fortune forever so I chose to change. I changed attitudes, I changed methods and I even changed countries looking for a safer life and finding it.

I did learn that people in places of power are pretty much the same everywhere. The more power they can exert over the common folk by keeping them unarmed and afraid, the easier is to have them do whatever they want them to do. While they keep themselves well protected by layers of security, they fight and belittle when the citizen wishes to be empowered to be responsible for his own security. These are people who do not care for the well-being of those who the swore to protect and do not mind that the people suffer as long as their power remains intact and even will allow a certain amount of death among the common folk in order to achieve and retain power.

I have seen and lived the consequences of trusting government with my safety. I cradled in my arms a long time neighbor dying of a gunshot wound provided by a criminal. I saw property taken by the dregs of society and then suffer the frustration of police tell me there was nothing they could do and that I should feel lucky my life was spared. I saw houses slowly transforming into well fortified bunkers because government could not bring in the criminal element and the owners became inmates in their own homes.

When I moved to the US, I did so with the hope of being allowed to be responsible for my safety and I achieved it. So when I hear some idiotic do-gooder telling me that guns are bad, that the perfect world is achieved only with disarmament and that I should renounce my Second Amendment Rights for the good of the collective, I know I am in front of an idiot that will get people killed.

  • IDPA Shooter (The Worst IDPA shooter in South Florida.)
  • IDPA Safety Officer (Halfway decent)
  • NRA Instructor (Not bad either)
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (Halfway decent)
  • SFDCC Shooter (Amazed that I don’t do worse)
  • Reloader (Enough to actually save money)
  • A Pamphleteer. One who writes something whenever he likes about what he likes.  Not a Thomas Paine by any exaggerated stretch of the imagination but just somebody shooting his mouth off in blogging form.
  • And now a professional writer to boot. Go figure.

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31 Replies to “About”

    1. Robert, be advised I am the dumbest thing you can find doing a blog. I did an upgrade recently and thanks to the kindness of several readers that backed me up and gave me info, everything went well even though I was nervous and teary eyed all the time.
      Gimme some time to figure if there is an automated way to do your request 🙂

  1. Hey i am starting a concealed carry website for my state and I stumbled appon your website. I have booked marked it, id also would like to use portions of some of your articles on my site with direct link back to yours for credit, i wont use the full article. let me know. thanks.

  2. Saw your sight over at dc.com and had to stop by, must say well done!!
    Keep up the good work, if there’s anything we can help with give a holler.
    Once more, Good job!!

  3. Not too long a story…I stumbled across your blog after attending a non-resident CCW permit class this week. (firearms owner for <5-yrs, CCW for ~2 yrs, irregularly exercised that right) I was made aware of a truth during that class regarding the 7/20 Aurora, CO theatre shooting, that the targeted theatre was designated a "gun-free zone" — a convenient omission from all media reports I have seen. I had wondered since that date why no one had stopped the shooter with force, given Colorado's CCW laws and military presence.

    History has shown with similar targeted public shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech, 2012 church shooting in Aurora, CO) that gun-free zones are popular shooting locations. Obvious the sense of security these policies are thought to provide is significantly misguided.

    Keep up what you're doing…

  4. Great job.
    I know how easy it has been for Fidel Castro to remain Cuba’s dictator for so long: One of the first things he did was to take the citizens’ guns away.
    Please, do not give up the fight.

    1. Castro has remained dictator of Cuba not just by making gun ownership illegal, but by denying Cuba’s citizens every protection in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. I know personally the importance and value of those 10 amendments that many people born here take for granted because they haven’t experienced anything else.

      I was born in Cuba. I left when I was 6, so I can’t tell you how many citizens owned guns a year or two before I was born when Castro came into power. I can tell you that even if guns hadn’t been outlawed, there would have been no way for the populace to arm itself sufficiently to mount any kind of resistance.

      You can’t leave the island without government permission and they only allow a select type of person to leave and return, and they check your bag upon return. Really check. No right to travel. They also check any and all packages arriving by mail. Because we were publicly anti-Castro, they actually used to open our packages, take whatever they wanted and spoil the remaining goods sometimes. We knew they took stuff because relatives would tell us what they sent and there would be stuff on the list that didn’t arrive. One time, they took one sock out of each pair of socks. Made my mom really angry, but there was nothing we could do because there’s no right to property and there’s no right to petition the government for redress.

      Perhaps you’re thinking someone could have snuck in, Navy Seal like, and started arming a group of people who would eventually mount a resistance. It’s been more than 50 years and it hasn’t been done. Well the reasons for that is that shore areas that are good for landing are patrolled, but even if they aren’t you would still be discovered. Every community has party members whose job is specifically to watch and inform the party of any “anti-revolutionary” activity. [It’s a revolution that has lasted more than 50 years.] These people are spread out so that in suburban areas, for example, each block has a designated party member who is known to all as the block watcher. There may be others who aren’t known to the neighbors, and, in any event, everyone is encouraged to tell if a neighbor is involved in anti-revolutionary activity. If they fail to inform and are later shown to have known, they would be in trouble. There’s no right to free speech and no right to publish your views. It’s extremely difficult to spread news. We were known to be anti-Castro, so periodically the block watcher would organize some neighbors to come in front of my house and chant denunciations about us. As you can imagine, this “chills” speech.

      Other people who felt the same way we did were sure to keep quiet and even join the chorus of denunciations, then apologize privately. They couldn’t be seen as being too friendly with us because then they would be watched more carefully, so this would all be on the down low. If you wanted to have a party or a few friends over, not only would anyone coming be taking the risk of arousing suspicion (because the government could keep lists of everyone who came), but they would all have to be very careful in what they said or did. For all we, our friends, and our neighbors knew, there might be one among them who was actually watching us “for the party.” There’s no right to associate in Cuba.

      It’s very hard to hide that you ard unhappy with the government. If you are unhappy, they watch you more carefully. The government can come and search your house at any time. So, it would be very difficult to be someone storing guns. Although people can’t have guns, almost everyone has machetes. If a surprise attack could be mounted, a resistance movement might get a counterrevolution going, but from what I’ve said above, the absence of all the other rights in our bill of rights makes this impossible.

      At this point, there are at least two generations who have grown up not knowing that there’s anything different that’s possible. So, it’s a lot easier for them to maintain control and stay in power. So yes, the lack of a right to be armed has contributed to Castro’s (and his successors’) ability to have stayed as dictator for so long, but it’s not the only reason.

  5. Not sure you have seen this, but some good news maybe…

    (from Breitbart.com)

    Good news — it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

    It seems that in their haste to cram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Barack Obama overlooked Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c.

    According to reports, that amendment says the government cannot collect “any information relating to the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition.”

    CNN is calling it “a gift to the nation’s powerful gun lobby.”

    And according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), that’s exactly right. He says he added the provision in order to keep the NRA from getting involved in the legislative fight over Obamacare, which was so ubiquitous in 2010.

    1. “Hi Miguel!!
      Good post..but the “Keep and bear Provision” is a “Smoke screen” we don’t need it, it is but a crumb among all the “Cake and Pastry!!” After all, “WE” Own all the “GUNZ!!!!!!” Remember….Right wingers are deathly afraid of even the word more or less the cold, hard steel…… REMEMBER!!!>>>>>”Possession is nine tenths of the law!!!” and we “Possess all the Gunz!!!”
      Got Gunz…….OUTLAW!!!,

      1. Hi Miguel.
        Here I am “Re-reading” my post of 15FEB2017 some 1.5 years ago!! It was 05:46hrs!!…Up all night…’Nuff said!!… ‘Should have said,”Left Wingers!!!” not “Right Wingers” …”Left wingers are deathly afraid of even the word more or less the cold, hard steel….” I see that all the time out and about!! At wally-world a while back.. I live in S/E Louisiana!!… a Land far from being a “Gunfree Zone!!!” and noticed some “out-of-state (from Calif. by their accent) types” hounding the Customer Svc. Mgr. about several troops(regular people) in the store “Sportin’ FIRE ARMS in plain view on their belt!!! (Open CARRY) …The Mgr. just shrugged his shoulders at them and said(noting they were from Cali.) “This is Louisiana, we can do that here!!” and went about his business…
        Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  6. Your site should consider contributing to the public discourse by publishing maps of gun-free zones:
    – businesses that post gun-free signs
    – states/municipalities that prohibit guns in schools
    – public places that have armed personnel; distinctly listed by: concealed/conspicuous/both
    – precinct-by-precinct ratios of pro-/con- gun-control legislators voters
    – anything else that help people to decide where to be/avoid-being
    – politicians who do not carry arms, use armed body-guards or refuse to admit/deny.

    All people – perpetrators, victims and police – should know the ground-rules where-ever they shop, send their children, transit or live. Perpetrators should know where to find victims who will not subject them to violence. Parents should know where their children are protected only by the police. Police should know where their services will be needed urgently after shots are fired. (Likewise, they could de-prioritize those areas where self-defense serves to lower the urgency of police response.) Constituents should know whether a public meeting with their Congress-man/-woman will be in a fire-free zone.
    Everyone will have the information they each need to manage their personal security according to their personal preferences. Perpetrators and police should – in such a marketplace of information – be able to determine easily where to concentrate their respective professions.

    I also urge you to publish and freely distribute:

    – window stickers proudly displaying “Gun-Free Home”
    – lapel pins indicating a pledge to not concealed-carry

    Ultimately, I’m sure, the foregoing civilized disclosures will lead to the same levels of violence enjoyed by subjects of the United Kingdom where neither the public nor the police are armed. Perpetrators are free to behave as comes naturally to them according to their preferred means of persuasion.

  7. From the Civillian Marksmanship Program forum: After a customer said his background check was denied then delayed, a gun dealer said “90% of 4473’s I called in from Jan-April were ‘delayed.'” Sounds much like the IRS deal. I don’t know how to pass the word. But I start, now.

  8. PLEASE!! lose the moving snow or what the hell ever it is supposed to be! Those dots moving across the screen drive me to distraction and drink!!

  9. I think you are propagating a society I will never want to live in. Yes, a culture of fear leads to violence and pretty soon, the wild west will return. Its absolutely disgraceful to even suggest schools, churches or malls need gun toting security people. Where will that end? Like in Brazil, where children are driven to school in gun-proof vehicles, never playing outside their fortress-like walls of their homes. Is that what all of you want, are striving for? Oh, and do you live in Texas by any chance? Previously in Mexico maybe? Just conjecture, so of course your experience may make you feel you need a gun, but thats not real freedom.

    1. I think you are propagating a society I will never want to live in.
      Nobody is forcing you

      Yes, a culture of fear leads to violence and pretty soon, the wild west will return. Its absolutely disgraceful to even suggest schools, churches or malls need gun toting security people
      Just like in England, right? That is where you live.

      Brazil and Mexico (Lived in neither place) are prime examples of a Gun Free Society… which means everybody but the good people of those countries are armed.
      I lived in another country, almost as violent as Brazil and more violent than Mexico… and with a tight set of gun control laws which have not worked.
      You know what freedom is? That the criminals fear you instead of the other way around.

  10. Some time ago you ran a piece “A Tale of Two Cities” comparing Chicago and Houston’s income, nationality, concealed carry laws, number of gun stores & homicides. Where did you get your numbers from?

    1. I am not sure where the stats for the Houston-Chicago comparison come from but I would recommend “More Guns Less Crime” by Dr John Lott, Jr. as being one of the best references for gun stats available. Having spent much time in both cities, I would say the comparison is accurate.

  11. Great job Miguel, love the “complaint” link, looking forward to future articles. And welcome to the US, you are definitely an asset.

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