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Why the name GunFreeZone?

It has been asked and I guess it is not as obvious as I originally thought. First there is facetious intention behind it. There are (or were, I haven’t checked lately) other GunFreeZones out there covering the Anti Rights side of the Gun Issue. I staked a claim with the idea of providing an opposing view and hopefully somebody looking for information might read it and create a chink in the armor of lies from the other side. I enjoy the fact that is contradictory. Who in our side of things would ever be so deranged as to call his blog Gun Free Zone? That would be me in a very cheek in tongue manner.

Or if you want the short version: “I am just messin’ with y’all!”

For many years I lived under an isolated set of rules & ideas which forbid me to be able to defend myself or my loved ones. Options and opposing views were not allowed or simply quenched under the banner of violence leads to more violence. A mix of sheer luck and quick thinking allowed me to survive several incidents unarmed, but I did not fool myself into thinking I was gonna be able to ride the wave of good fortune forever so I chose to change. I changed attitudes, I changed methods and I even changed countries looking for a safer life and finding it.

I did learn that people in places of power are pretty much the same everywhere. The more power they can exert over the common folk by keeping them unarmed and afraid, the easier is to have them do whatever they want them to do. While they keep themselves well protected by layers of security, they fight and belittle when the citizen wishes to be empowered to be responsible for his own security. These are people who do not care for the well-being of those who the swore to protect and do not mind that the people suffer as long as their power remains intact and even will allow a certain amount of death among the common folk in order to achieve and retain power.

I have seen and lived the consequences of trusting government with my safety. I cradled in my arms a long time neighbor dying of a gunshot wound provided by a criminal. I saw property taken by the dregs of society and then suffer the frustration of police tell me there was nothing they could do and that I should feel lucky my life was spared. I saw houses slowly transforming into well fortified bunkers because government could not bring in the criminal element and the owners became inmates in their own homes.

When I moved to the US, I did so with the hope of being allowed to be responsible for my safety and I achieved it. So when I hear some idiotic do-gooder telling me that guns are bad, that the perfect world is achieved only with disarmament and that I should renounce my Second Amendment Rights for the good of the collective, I know I am in front of an idiot that will get people killed.

  • IDPA Shooter (The Worst IDPA shooter in South Florida.)
  • IDPA Safety Officer (Halfway decent)
  • NRA Instructor (Not bad either)
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (Halfway decent)
  • SFDCC Shooter (Amazed that I don’t do worse)
  • Reloader (Enough to actually save money)
  • A Pamphleteer. One who writes something whenever he likes about what he likes.  Not a Thomas Paine by any exaggerated stretch of the imagination but just somebody shooting his mouth off in blogging form.
  • And now a professional writer to boot. Go figure.

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