Late last year Tablet Magazine published an expose on the antisemitism the existed from the founding of the Women’s March.

That article was the first snowflake to shift on the side of the mountain that led to an avalanche of accusations of antisemitism directed, rightfully so, at the Women’s March.  Eventually it got so bad that the Democrats had to drop their sponsorship of it.

Just a couple of days ago, one of the founders of the march, Tamkia Mallory did and interview in which she totally denied Israel’s right to exist.

During the march over the weekend, Linda Sarsour promoted BDS to cheers and applause of the crowd.

Haaretz confirmed this.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was at the Women’s March and was asked about antisemitism.  Her response was to blame Trump.

This comes as no surprise as anyone with a working knowledge of history know how bad Leftism and Socialism has been for the Jews.  She is just another link in a long chain of oppressors.

That this point, after all the exposure of the antisemitism inherent to the founding of the Women’s March, the women marching might as well be honest about how they feel and dress in brown shirts with swastika armbands.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “ACO deflects on the Women’s March Jew hatred”
  1. My God, the stupid is strong with these people. I’ll bet you none of them know what the Palestine word origin is. What the Ottoman Empire was. Who’s side the Ottomans were on in World War One. Why the British and the French had mandates in the middle east after the war, continuing through World War Two.

    NONE of them know this history, I’ll wager, and all that they “know” is regurgitated anti-Israel propaganda.

    I guess if all your education comes 240 characters at a time…………

    1. History in modern schools is made as dull and awful as possible, so kids will gain no interest in it.
      Those few that do show interest are then put on a diet of Zinn and other Marxist revisionist, and told that it’s the Real History The Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know.
      That way, the current generation is inoculated from ever knowing that the Leftwing Establishment is advocating for stuff that doesn’t work, and has never worked.

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