Lowering victim count at Active Shooter attacks is not about emotion or politics. It’s about simple TIME & MATH. Unfortunately, emotion and politics will distract most Americans and most leaders from doing the simple mathematical analysis needed to understand the problem, then use that understanding to craft response plans that will minimize victim counts.

Historical data shows us that if we let the killer shoot people for 1 minute before we stop him, we can expect 8-16 victims.

If we let him shoot people for 2 minutes, we should expect 14-22 victims.

If we let him shoot people for 3 minutes, we should expect 18-26 victims.

If we let him shoot people for 5 minutes, which we do FAR too often, we should expect around 30 victims.

Simple math shows us that the quicker we stop the killer after he starts his attack, the lower the victim count will be.

Go read the whole thing.

Active Killer Math | Active Response Training

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Active Killer Math | Active Response Training”
  1. There have been cases where the shooter was stopped because ONE GUY went in by himself, instead of assembling a team of 20. It was the fastest way to get to the shooter and put rounds on him.

    So why hasn’t that become standard practice?

  2. Arm teachers. Any who are willing. And don’t tell me it can’t be done; I spent 12 years in a classroom, it can. Any teacher who wants to get a CC permit should, with the knowledge and OK of his administration.

    He or she has one responsibility- the kids in his/her classroom. There is generally one door in; he should get his kids to as much cover as he can and block/lock that door. Anyone who tries to force his way in gets shot. That teacher doesn’t have to be “tactical,” or to watch his “six,” or any of that crap. Just post up on that door and shoot anyone who comes in.

    I’d encourage any teacher to get further training, I’d encourage anyone who carries to do so. But it’s not necessary. Just post up on that door and shoot anyone who tries to force his way in.

    If you are a teacher without kids in your classroom in the moment when the shit hits the fan, and you can actively search for the shooter, that’s fine, but its not required. You required charge is the kids in your classroom, nothing more.

    And the school should publicly announce that teachers in their school MAY be armed. Period. They absolutely should NOT announce which teachers, if any, are armed. For the teacher, the gun must be either on his/her person, or in a locked container at all times. Not in a drawer, or hanging in a closet, or stuck in a purse. On your person. It’s not secure anywhere else. And yes, sooner or later students will figure out if a teacher is carrying. They will be curious and annoyingly insistent to talk about it, show it to them, etc. Ignore all that. Get on with teaching; the furor will subside, and some other matter will quickly become fodder for gossip. Pretty soon it will be “Mr. So-and-So has a gun!!” “Yea, we know. No big deal.”

    When parents demand to know if their particular child’s teacher is armed, tell them to pound sand.

  3. The Columbine shooting was supposed to be the event where we had a doctrinal change in response to active shooters; no waiting for back up, counter response NOW. Why are we discussing this again?

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