What makes me uncomfortable is teaching history that teaches that some races are inherently bad, evil, or parasitic, and how all the terrible things in the world are the fault of that race.

I know the history of what happens when lessons like that are taught.

I also know the history of what happens to the people blamed for the problems of the world when are passive and do not or are not able to defend themselves.

There is a disgusting irony in a Jew advocating for Critical Race Theory, which is both grossly antisemitic and functionally similar to other race essentialist hatred and scapegoating used against Jews through history.

Teaching gun safety and proper firearms use is a perfect pair with history when you see the world through the eyes of someone who has had the guns of the state turned against you many, many times.

In a society that was interested in self preservation, marksmanship would be mandatory and teaching self loading race hatred would be criminal.


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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Actually this is a great lesson that pairs well with history”
  1. Those kids do not look terribly uncomfortable. Granted, that dark haired kid looks a bit bored…
    Why should I be uncomfortable about it?

  2. AAAAAAH! Kids shooting pellet guns! Pellet guns are the weapon of choice of mass-murdering white-supremacist imperialist war monkeys! Mongers. Something like that.
    And the real danger is that the kids might get the idea that, if they follow the safety rules, nobody gets killed. This is a super-dangerous idea! They should be kept in the dark and taught to fear guns, because (all together now) Ignorance Is Strength.

  3. Oleg Volk has lots of nice pictures of kids that age and younger competing in serious shooting competitions. I also have tucked away a photo from the 1950s of a gym full of high school girls practicing their rifle skills.

  4. Just read an article on how the DNC is expecting disaster from the rural areas in the next elections. The comment thread is full of ‘progressives’ saying how horrible conservatives/republicans are and that those stupid rubes are ‘voting against their own interests’.

    This is a glaring example WHY the left is losing the rural areas.

    My favorite comment on that thread is the lady from Ireland being glad to be away from the ‘madness’.

  5. I have to admit, I squee’d a bit inside when I saw these pics.

    This almost looks like it could be a Project Appleseed spin-off. Call it “Appleseed 4 Kids” or something catchy. Teach the basics and history of marksmanship to children using air rifles.

    These pics only make hoplophobes (those with an irrational fear of weapons) uncomfortable. I see them and I observe the kids are all following safety protocols, including protective eye gear (air rifles don’t really need ear protection) and adult supervision. Plus, if you click through to all the photos, you see that those five rifles are the whole firing line, so there’s not a massive shooter-to-monitor ratio. And they’re shooting bulls-eye targets — not images of humans, animals, zombies, or whatever else freaks liberals out — in an otherwise-completely-empty gym.

    I think what makes “The Jewish Ginger Resister” most uncomfortable, is that the kids are having fun while doing it. (Look at those smiles!) He/she would rather they remain ignorant of marksmanship and respond with fear at the sight of any gun, just like he/she probably does. [sarcasm] Heaven forbid our children learn any form of gun safety that doesn’t involve running away screaming! [/sarcasm]

    Meanwhile, I want to see scenes like this repeated in every school district in America.

  6. How about forming a Trap and Skeet Club at your child’s school? Your Synagogue, Church, Temple?
    It is a popular HS Sport in MN.
    Another trend is Hunting and Fishing Experiences for kids without a parent into that sport. My Father was a great hunter and outdoorsman. My mother was a teen when traumatized by the hunting death of her cousin. Consequently I never hunted any game ever. I was in my 30’s before I ever shot a firearm.

  7. Those look like some NICE air rifles too.

    Love the one comment on twatter:
    I’m outraged. They should be using 6.5 Creedmoor.

  8. The only thing in the picture that I find uncomfortable, is the fact that they are not teaching the kids to use the iron sights. Besides the fact that the size of those scopes suggest a power far greater than what would be needed for the range of those pellet guns.

    1. With a scope it’s easier to hit the mark and that makes for a better motivator which in turn guarantees a higher rate of students that stay with the sport.

      Let them use iron sights when they can handle a gun.

      And those scopes look like 6 power scopes with parallax adjustment. Pretty standard for air rifles.

  9. We had archery when I was a wee lad…. Much more terrifying I tell ya. THIS is awesome to see. Poor little libtards cant see the benifit of teaching firearms SAFETY. Id like to see more and more of this.

  10. My High School, located in Idaho, used to have a real rifle range (.22 L.R.) in the basement. I’m sure the Karens hav closed it by now.

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