George Lopez should be added to your list of names that you are taking.

Apparently $80 Million is more than enough motivation for George to contemplate assassinating Trump.  He’s willing to do it for half.

This is a foghorn of a virtue signal about just how much he hates Trump, and also I think based on the fact that he is worth an estimated $45 Million, and must be pretty content with his lifestyle.

The abandoned son of migrant farm workers, raised in the United States has the opportunity to become a multimillionaire celebrity (D-list is still fame) with his own TV show, and he wants to repay this country for that by assassinating the President who bombed an enemy general who supplies armor-piercing weapons that blew the arms and legs off our soldiers by defeating their up-armored Humvees.

That is the sickness we are dealing with here.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Add George Lopez’s name to the list”
  1. So Lopez is saying Mexican-Americans will do the jobs of Anglo-Americans for lower wages?

    Dat’s raaaaacist!

  2. George Lopez is an infected cyst in the asshole of humanity. He never has been nor will ever be funny, despite calling himself a “comedian” and using that as a conduit to push his deluded idea that he represents the latino community.
    Bitch, you don’t represent me. You should be ashamed of opening your dick-holster as frequently as you do. Piss off already.

    Ugh. Hate that douchebag. Biggly.

    1. My favorite thing about him was that he got a kidney from his wife, then promptly divorced her for a younger woman.

      I think he should have had to have given the kidney back.

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