I will have more to say about the Uvalde shooting as more details come out, but this is particularly relevant:

As reported by The Daily Mail:

The gunman, Salvador Ramos – wearing body armor, equipped with a handgun and possibly a rifle – shot his grandmother before entering the school and opening fire, said Governor Greg Abbott.

Another mass shooter with body armor.  This follows on the heels of the Buffalo shooter with body armor.

It seems like crazy people who want to inflict maximum damage are preparing by obtaining body armor.

I don’t know if it made a difference in this case but clearly the shooter thought it might.

We are going to have to retrain ourselves on what to do if the shit hits the fan and we must rely on our guns to defend ourselves.

Those first few shot need to be delivered into the low abdomen.  Shoot that motherfucker right in the belt buckle a couple of times then go to work on center of mass.

It is probably safer to assume a mass casualty shooter is wearing armor and you will have to shoot around it than to hit center of mass with the first shot and it be useless when the armor stops it.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Add pelvic shots to your training regimen”
  1. Apparently, it was just the plate carrier without any armor in it.

    At least according to current reporting.

    1. People Learn, even Mutants.
      Why people are surprised is beyond me.


      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

      Tske for example…The Krainelandia Combatants

  2. And carry a REAL gun.. something with WHACK. Dont you just luv the new wave of shootings?? Wonder what think tank came up with body armor? You watch, the next bill outta congress will ban it.

  3. Last grocery run I bought a package of black construction paper, like the kinds kids use for arts n crafts, and plan to tape those over silhouette targets to simulate armor. Its not truly the right size but its a start and two more or less gets you there. Plan to also suggest adding this to local matches.

  4. Dems have tried to go after body armor before, with these shooters now using it, this will go hand and hand with gun control.

    What this tells me is that if you’re a law abiding gun owner, get a set while you can. If you can afford it, get a set for each member of your family, too.

    As for pelvic shots, I agree they are effective. But I will plan on doing a threat assessment first. A plate carrier is pretty readily identifiable. If I see one, yep going for the belt buckle or head. If not, definitely gonna punch high thoracic CM. I’ve never understood why most targets (especially the standard scored silhouettes) haven’t got away from having the X just below the sternum. Above that is the heart and lungs, and where I aim.

    1. One thing I learned in skydiving is to keep your decision tree as small as possible. A rule that says “aim at the pelvis” is simple and always works. One that says “first look for armor” takes extra time, and the observation might be wrong (the armor might be under clothing). As has been pointed out, if you hit the pelvic area, the bad guy will be on the ground, and he won’t be conscious for very long.

  5. If you are planning on using a pelvic shot to incapacitate a mass shooter, you need to carry something that has a heavier bullet than the 9mm. A lightweight, fast bullet isn’t going to shatter bone. For that, you need a larger, heavier bullet. I would suggest:
    .45 ACP
    .44 Magnum

    1. Ayoob says a 9mm works just fine with a pelvic shot. I really hope not to learn from experience, but I think that experience is fast approaching.

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