Yeah, if you want a metric of just how shitty things are with this administration, they left the dogs locked in cages to die and the Taliban let them out and is going to use them.

Now I have no idea how Taliban dog handlers will behave (I have low expectations) but not leaving them to die of thirst in a box is already better than what Biden did.

We’re in an upside-down, Bizarro, clown-world.

Additional thought:

The Republicans better run ads all through 2022 and 2024 that Biden abandoned dogs and the Taliban treated them better than Biden did.  Leftist are idiots and normies are pathetic but most people love dogs and the guy that hurts dogs is always the bad guy.


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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Add service dogs to the list of military equipment that was taken by the Taliban”
  1. I’m seeing continuous conflicting reports on this, so I’m throttling back my natural desire to hurt//maim//kill and waiting to see if anything tangible and verifiable shakes loose.

    1. From what I have read in total, the dogs were not military. They were civilian contractor dogs.

      The handlers, being civilians, were not evacuated by military transport but civilian transport. As such, the rules are different.

      The dogs were locked up for transport but the decision came down that only the humans would be evacuated and the dogs were abandoned.

      Local Afghans and some people of indeterminate nationality let them out of the cages to roam free. Some bags of food were cut open for them and bowls of water were left out.

      False: the US Military left DOD owned and trained working dogs to die.

      (Apparently) True: civilian working dogs, owned by security contractors, were abandoned when civilian contractor airlines were unable to take the dogs as well as the handlers.

      True: it wasn’t an order given by Biden to kill the dogs.

      Also True: Biden’s clusterfuck of a pullout created the conditions where civilian security contractors could not get their people out with their dogs, and to save the lives of their people had to abandon their dogs.

      Also True: I hold Biden responsible for this because he created this mess.

  2. “they left the dogs locked in cages to die and the Taliban let them out” is almost the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Murad G. tweet that appears to be your source claims – and the reality appears to be yet a third thing. For the moment, I’m assuming this facebook page is sincere (but who the Hell knows?):

    1. Even if military dog handlers left their dogs in kennels as they fled the country (something I find incredibly implausible to say the least), I doubt it would have been under direct orders to do so from Biden.

      I generally agree with J.KB and respect what is written here, but this particular outrage de jour is so obviously fake news it’s hard to believe anyone is taking it seriously.

    1. That’s like saying that the reason the military couldn’t bring their rifles and tanks back is because the ATF bans arms imports from Afghanistan.

      CDC rules may impact the ability of civilian individuals or agencies to bring back dogs they rescued from over there, but I seriously doubt it has any bearing on Military Working Dogs. I’m no expert, I could be wrong, but I find it a bit implausible.

  3. I thought that Muslims considered dogs to be filthy and evil. I remember hearing about Muslim taxi drivers in the US who would not accept a passenger with a dog. Why would the Taliban want these dogs?

    1. Well, there’s probably a pragmatic aspect. Dogs are damned useful. And before ‘muh hadiths’, keep in mind there’s also a hadith that condones necrophilia. So yeah, pragmatism might have won this one.

      Also, this is one more way to rub our noses in the mess Sleepy Joe made.

    2. You forget the hypocrisy that Muslims, as a religion, posess.
      It’s perfectly fine to holler “religious discrimination” when a dirty kuffar has a dog – but if a dog is useful then they don’t care.

      They prosecute and even kill gays but have no problems with raping boys.

      They condemn alcohol but I have personally witnessed muslims drinking alcohol indoors and saying that Allah can’t see them because there’s a roof above.

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