That is an official poster from NYC Health.

The world is upside down. I was talking recently with somebody about the stupidity of medical things as my mother needed pay for a doctor visit to get a prescription to buy syringes to get her insulin shots, but junkies get them for free to feed their addiction.

And now this crap?


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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Addiction is Empowering?”
  1. In Texas, I can walk into any pharmacy and buy syringes and insulin without a prescription. I buy syringes from Amazon most of the time. I had a prescription for insulin and with insurance it cost $350.00 per little bottle. Without a prescription, Walmart will sell me the same bottles for $25.00 each. I’m still waiting for an explanation.

    1. Varies from state to state. Cannot do that here in AZ. Need a script for either sharps or insulin. Guess that makes Meth king here, along with all that crap fentanyl that junkies are so eager to kill themselves with. How far we have climbed up from Mary Jane!

  2. You can buy sterile syringes and needles at any farm feed store. You can also buy them online. This is the online store I have used before. . I have also bought them at my local feed store. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

  3. New York: When you use fentanyl, use start slowly and use with a friend.

    Florida: If you sell fentanyl to someone who dies using it, you could face death or life in prison.

    Unbelievable insanity. So very glad to live in Florida!

  4. New York: If you use fentanyl, don’t be ashamed, be empowered. Start slowly and use with a friend.

    Florida: If you sell fentanyl and someone in our state dies from it, you face the death penalty or life in prison.

    Make all the FloridaMan jokes you want — so glad to live here!

  5. I use a non-insulin pen, and I need a script for the sharps. The cost for the sharps is about $10 per month (1/day).

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