This was sent out by the US Government to Americans in Afghanistan:

If this applies to you:

Hunter Biden’s art dealer is George Berges Gallery in New York.

If you need a ride out of Afghanistan, I suggest you call them and tell them you need help picking up your newly acquired Hunter Biden masterpiece in person.

I’m sure they will have the State Department send a plane for you right away.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Advice to Americans stuck in Afghanistan”
  1. 2 weeks they said last Feb. Wear a mask (or 2 or 3), get the jab (or 2 and a booster), social distance or better yet stay away from crowds. And they STILL couldn’t ‘guarantee’ you wouldn’t get the rona. And we are supposed to listen to the ‘experts’ – WHY?

  2. When you’re stranded and abandoned on Afghanistan’s plains
    And the government can’t fly you out on its airplanes
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out you brains
    ‘Cause Biden don’t care for no soldiers.

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