Every single one of those women is an AI creation.  None of them are real.

AI bots are going to wipe out the e-thot and OnlyFans girl and it can’t come soon enough.

I truly hate the rise of OnlyFans, Twitch, and the e-thot.

When I was growing up, it was well understood that a dad had failed if he didn’t keep his daughter off the pole.

Pornography has always existed, but there was always a barrier to entry.

Once a girl went porn, that was it.  Very few porn stars made it rich.  The industry was notorious for breaking people and throwing them away.

Even to get porn, you had to go to one of those stores, the kind where you didn’t want your car seen parked in front of it, in that part of town.

Playboy and Penthouse tried to sell porn with class, including stores and interviews and other “men’s interests.”

Then came the internet, and then COVID, and then live streaming, and then countless articles in The Sun and Daily Mail about girls and moms making $50,000 to $100,000 per month only OnlyFans.

Twitch was worse.  It was supposed to be a site for video game enthusiasts to watch people play games, then it became soft core porn where women in lingerie or erotic costumes played video games with the goods on display, targeting tween and teen boys.

Overnight, the barrier to entry for porn fell and it was supposed to be normal that some girl could be a college student or dental hygienist be day and a millionaire porn star by night.

This created a myriad of dangers.

What happens when the porn job bleeds into the day job.

When you recognize that the mom of your kid’s playmate or your kid’s substitute teacher is also a porn star.

I’m not making any of these examples up.

Companies has rules about sexual harassment and employee relationships for a reason, then all of a sudden, you might have a situation where a boss or subordinate is a subscriber to a coworker who is a pornstar by night.

Then there is the issue of what do to as a father.

How to teach your children, especially your daughters, to be good and productive people, when the pop culture says be rich with a part time job showing your tits online to subscribers.

Nothing good came from this, but it looks like the market will correct this.

AI bots will out OnlyFans real women.

The market will be so heavily saturated that there will be almost no profit to be made for all but the tiniest percent of real women.

It won’t be worth it to even try.

OnlyFans will be the first to fall, then Instagram shortly thereafter.

And I am rooting for it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “AI will take their jobs and it’s well deserved”
  1. Watched most of the series of ‘Light and Magic’ on D+ about Lucasfilm. One of the eps. had a pretty long segment on them switching over from models/mattes to digital and one lady saying she saw the writing on the wall and learned digital as fast as she could to keep relevant.

    Disney eliminated its traditional 2D dept. years ago for 3D/Digital.

    This is just the next step on the ladder.

    ‘Traditional’ artists will fight it tooth and nail (ironically so will the photoshoppers/digital artists) but in the end, AI art will dominate.

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