The ninnyhammers at Everytown are having themselves a little freak out over the fact that some Kindergartners in PA are getting gun safety lessons in school.  By gun safety, we’re not talking about going to the range for PE.  It’s the “stop, don’t touch it, leave the area, tell an adult” approach to kids and guns.  Of course, even this is too much for the anti-gunners.

I just love the intellectual inconsistency in the Left’s ideas of safety and responsibility.  Remember, it’s generally the same people who are anti-gun that think we should begin teaching sex ed at age 10 and think it’s a great idea to hand out condoms to 6th graders.  They people love to point out that abstinence only sex ed doesn’t work.

They’re right of course, about the abstinence only sex ed.  So why do they think that not even talking about guns and gun safety with kids is the right approach?

I propose a compromise.  How about taking the sex ed approach to gun safety.  With young kids, don’t touch it.  At 13, we’re going on a class field trip to the range and we’re going to learn The 4 Rules and safe handling practice.  You can give condoms to my 6th grader if I hand hand a .22 to yours.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Ain’t nothing but a number”
  1. Capital. I suggested as much recently myself at the blog of a mass shooting survivor (Laurie Works). Let’s if the Gunsense / MomsDemand / Everytown / Bloomberg and Shannon R Watts types will warm to the proposal.

  2. The age of 13 is too old to be teaching gun safety. By that time, they are teenagers and are starting to think they are smarter than anybody else. You need to impress the rules upon them *BEFORE* they think every adult is an idiot.

  3. This is just more of their narrow minded thinking,they want safety but only done their way,and that is all guns are bad and only used to kill people.I think with that way of teaching the only outcome is what we have,if you want to kill or die use a gun,I say the kids are learning what they have been taught very well.

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