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The other day it published an OpEd that was the most vile internet shit-smear I’ve read on the Kavanaugh issue yet.

What was Brett Kavanaugh’s wife thinking?

By Roy S. Johnson

I don’t know Roy, why don’t you tell me.

I wonder what she was thinking.

I wonder what was going through Ashley’s Estes Kavanaugh’s mind as she watched her husband’s snarling, petulant, tear-stained, whining (My life is ruined) exhibition before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

So when a man who was admitted to the bar in 1992 and to the Federal bench in 2006, with a sterling reputation is accused without evidence or corroboration his indignation at the baseless accusation is “snarling, petulant, tear-stained, whining.”  I sincerely hope ever person who has been  pushing this line is accused of child molestation.  I want to see how they react.

But to answer his question, I bet it was “what does this lying bitch have against my husband?”  They have been married for 14 years.

I am fully convinced that Lefties don’t understand marriage.  In every episode of Law & Order: SVU, as soon some cop accuses hubby of a sex crime, his wife of 20 years takes the kids and goes to her mother’s.  Do they not understand that a good wife should stick by her husband (and vice versa)?

Heck, I wonder what was on the minds of each of the women occupying the rows behind Brett Kavanaugh, women who were ostensibly there to support his defense against an accusation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that he, then a privileged teen kid who liked beer–as he told us many times–sexually assaulted her when she was 15 years old.

Oh my god, he likes beer.  That mean’s he’s guilty.  He’s also privileged, so double guilty.  But this line of though assumes guilt.  Guilt without evidence or corroboration.

Fifteen years old.

Yeah, I get it, you are implying he’s also a pedophile.  Still didn’t mean he did it.

I know the women were there as a family member, friend or whatnot.

I know Ashley was there as a dutiful and supportive spouse.

Still, what they were all thinking?

They were probably thinking the same thing the same things out the Senate Democrats as I am thinking about Roy here, that they are soulless pieces of shit.

What were they thinking as Kavanaugh and his equally-snarling GOP Judiciary committee supporters essentially said their own white, male privilege is more important than the wrenching pain of Ford’s emotional and credible recollections of the assault?

Oh yeah, it’s not that the Republicans of the Judiciary Committee held fast to the principles of American jurisprudence such as the presumption of innocence and need for evidence and corroboration.  It was just a bunch of white guys circling the wagons.

Also, if you can dismiss Kavanaugh’s emotions as petulant and whiney and not as a man defending his honor, you cannot accept Ford’s emotion as evidence of her credibility.

More than any woman’s sexual assault.

The social justice cry of collective punishment.  This was about Ford’s accusation of Kavanaugh.  Nothing more.  All the other sexual assaults in the world are irrelevant in this case.  This is about Ford and Kavanaugh only.

Kavanaugh should not suffer unjustly because another woman was assaulted by another man.

I don’t know if any of those women sitting behind him in support of Kavanaugh, including Ashley, have friends or relatives who were sexually assaulted in their youth.

Unless they were assaulted by Kavanaugh himself, it doesn’t matter.

I do.

Some have shared their horrid experiences with me–in vivid, technicolor detail.

They remember.

They remember names. They remember pain.

They know their truth.

A truth that still reverberates in their lives, still affects them today–still affects their encounters with others. And will likely affect them tomorrow. And maybe even the next day.

I know women who are close to me who have been sexually assaulted.  I’m not going to convict Kavanaugh on their behalf.

I know a woman who was raped by a black man who was never caught.  Maybe we should start by jailing all black men because of her rape?  Same logic, right?

What does that matter to Kavanaugh, a federal judge who feels a seat on the nation’s highest court is, perhaps, his birthright?

Had he ever said that?  No, this is just Roy and others on the Left putting words in his mouth.  If Kavanaugh is elevated to the Supreme Court, it’s because he’s earned it.  But lets be clear here, he’s not just interviewing for SCOTUS, he’s defending his honor and reputation.  It’s more than just a job at this point.  It is the entirety of his life that is on the line.  How his past is viewed and what becomes of his future.

It clearly does not matter as much as his own privilege and pride. Not as much as his entitled right to demand all he seeks.

Oh no, not privilege again.  A hard working man with sterling record attested to by everyone who knows him.  That can’t be it, it must be his white maleness.

This idea that its a unfair sense of entitlement not to have your name dragged through the muck with spurious accusations is way over the line.  Maybe people are entitled to be treated with a modicum of decency?

It does not matter to GOP Senators as much as the experiences and aching memories of female sexual assault victims–no matter when the assaults occurred–as much as winning.

But the Democrats who pulled this stunt are only after the truth?  That bullshit is beyond believability.

As much as taking control of the wombs of American women and overturning Roe v. Wade.

Nonsensical non-sequitur is nonsensical.

To be sure, Kavanaugh has every right to defend himself. He has every right to not take a lie-detector test (as his accuser did) and rail on like a half-drunk adolescent who knew that no matter what he said, or how he said it, his equally privileged kind would have his back.

Polygraphs are bullshit.  They show nothing.  His refusal to take one is on par with his refusal to sit on a dunking stool.  Roy is just upset he doesn’t want to volunteer to go to the Democrats Room 101.

He railed on like a man trying to defend his reputation.

I’m calling it.  Every time Roy here brings up privilege I will mention that there is credible accusations that Rob is a child molester.  Let him defend himself dispassionately.

Imagine if, 27 years ago, Clarence Thomas had acted as such. (Full disclosure, I am not a fan of the now-Supreme Court justice). What if Thomas had cried, snarled and had been as pointedly disrespectful to members of the Senate Judiciary committee as was Kavanaugh?

Actually, he did call out the Senate.  The Senate also didn’t ask him about fart jokes in his high school yearbook.

There were no female Judiciary committee members in 1991 when Anita Hill testified that Thomas sexually harassed her when he was her boss.

What if there had been?

What if the Democrats didn’t act like total pieces of shit?

Then what if Thomas had treated her as Kavanaugh so wretchedly and disrespectfully treated Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar?

She asked him if he’d ever blacked out because of alcohol abuse, an occurrence with which she was familiar, she explained, because her father was an alcoholic.

I don’t give a shit about her alcoholic father.  She tried to embarrass him.  There was no point to this other than make the accusation “well, if you blacked out you could have done it an not remembered.”

Have you?! Kavanaugh sneered. Sneered with amazing vitriol.

Sneered with anger.

With elite entitlement.

How dare you, he frothed.

How dare a sitting United States Senator go into the high school drinking habits of a man 36 years prior with no evidence of alcoholism.  What is off limits just from human decency.  It wasn’t intended to get to the truth, it was intended to shame him in front of his children.  How dare she.

His apology–later, after a break, and probably some wise counsel–really didn’t matter. What Kavanaugh showed in the moment was who he is.

What Brett Kavanaugh showed in that moment was real.

Real pissed.

Real enough to make me wonder if he could ever be impartial if, say, a sexual harassment case ever came before the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is an amazing line of horse shit.

I expect a judge to be impartial and judicial when he is acting as a judge.  Third party to a case.  It is different when the judge himself is being accused.  I don’t expect him to be impartial.  I expect him to fight back.

Let me put it like this.  If I were to attack a judge with a knife, should I expect the judge to be impartial and let me stab him, just in case he ever has to hear an attempted murder case?  No, because that’s bullshit.  A man has the right to defend himself against accusations.

This is the tactic of a middle school bully.  Picking on a kid then complaining to the teacher when the kid pushes back.

Thomas was just as mad. He seethed during his rebuttal testimony.

Yet he never exploded/ He didn;t have a childish fit.

Had he performed as Kavanaugh did, had he displayed such anger, disrespect and petulance, well, he’d not likely be sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court now.

No black man today could’ve gotten away with Kavanaugh’s angry  display.

What is social justice without an accusation of racism.  If they can’t find it, they will make it up.

Yet privilege just might.

Roy is a child molester.

Kavanaugh just might–after a one-week FBI “investigation” that will likely reveal little more to us than Kavanaugh’s favorite beer.

Way to move those goalposts, pervert.

I wonder what the women were thinking.

“I didn’t know you could store 200 lbs of pig shit in a tailored suit.”

Maybe they–Ashley and the women who steadfastly support Kavanaugh–believe him, which is their right.

She’s his wife of 14 years you fuckless asshole.

Maybe they don’t know any women like Dr. Ford.

You mean emotionally damaged women who allow themselves to be used by a political party to smear a man in public without evidence?

God I hope not.

I do–and I believe her. I believe her truth.

Her truth?  What about the truth?  I guess you don’t care about that.

The truth may be different by my truth says that you rape children.

I wonder if, somewhere in her mind, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh does, too.

You miserable, slimy, disgusting fuck.  How dare you?

Of all the OpEds I’ve read on Kavanaugh, this is the worst.  Using his wife as an angle to attack him, assuming the unverified, uncorroborated, no-evidence accusation is 100% accurate is plain grotesque.

I cannot believe that published this.



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  1. There’s a striking similarity between the collective-guilt notions pushed in this case, and the collective-guilt notions used to argue for victim disarmament.

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