Alabama is a great place for S&W

So March For Our Lives is marching from Boston to the S&W factory to protest…  Because harassing a bunch of factory workers at their place of employment is some how going to undo the Broward County Sheriffs Office’s screw ups.

Smith & Wesson is about to learn the same lesson that Kimber and Remington have learned.  The North East corridor is no place for gun companies.  Sure, Remington still has a plant in Ilion, New York and upstate New York is different, but as long at NYC calls the shots at the state level, it will suck for them.  All of Remington’s “non NYC friendly” products, the handguns, AR-15, etc. are made in Alabama.

Speaking of Alabama, besides Remington in Huntsville, Steyr Arms USA is in Bessemer outside of Birmingham, and Kimber is moving to Troy.

So allow me to be the first to say to Smith & Wesson:

“Alabama is great, you should come on down.  The people and nice and the laws are gun friendly.  You’re not going to have to worry about getting marched on down here.”

Maybe someone with American Outdoor Brands will realized just how unwelcome they are up there and move to a state that likes having gun companies.


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