From the Sheriff of Barbour County, Alabama.


Fuck that guy.

Barbour County, Alabama is a rural county on the Alabama/Georgia border.  The entire population of the county is 25,000 people and the largest city, Eufaula, Alabama, is barley 13,000 people.  The county seat of Clayton is less than 3,000 people.

Counties like Barbour are why permitless carry is popular, because when you live out in the middle of nowhere, going into town to get a permit from the one admin in the tiny Sheriff’s office is a pain in the ass.

But Alabama permits are $20 per year for upto five years.

The Sheriff in podunk county is mad that the state took away one of his revenue streams.


Fuck that guy.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Alabama Sheriff is butthurt his grift was ended by the state”
  1. Poor baby. 😢

    An LE who uses the LSM term “gun violence” is clueless or has drunk too much of the Kool-Aid.

    Permits have not been shown to be a tool to “protect” citizens—only to oppress them (the exception being true ‘shall issue’ permits).

    That being said, until the entire country goes permit-less, the reciprocity aspect has some validity.

    (I wasn’t going to mention the pro 2A comment, but, I changed my mind. 😉)

  2. Constitutional carry has increased crime rates dramatically in the states that adopted it? That sounds like a flagrant lie to me, but of course that’s what the anti-gun left does all the time.

    1. Indeed it is, one that is easily countered by actual crime stats. And if that fails to persuade an anti-gun leftist, remind them that Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire don’t require pistol permits, either. They’ll either refuse to believe you or go into vapor lock.

      1. Not only that, but it used to be “Vermont Carry” because VT hasn’t had permits since its Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional, sometime back in the 1920s I think. And while NH had carry permits until a few years ago, they (a) were “shall issue”, (b) open carry was unrestricted, (c) no state paperwork was ever needed to own a gun, (d) towns were explicitly forbidden to make up their own rules, with town officials personally liable for violations.

  3. Their license fee was only $20?? I don’t see how that adds up to much revenue. Here in MI its $115 for a 5 year permit. I’ll continue to get/update it until every state has constitutional carry so I can be sure I’m covered. And I agree the crime rate increase claim is bogus, just like any relaxing of gun laws comes with cries of “there will be blood in the street!”. The only upside to the licensing schemes is that in most cases it required people to take a class. I would hope that anyone who decides to carry a firearm get some training by their own decision, both for marksmanship and legal use of force scenarios. There are going to be folks out there woefully unprepared.

  4. I did a quick search of this guy (sheriff) and he’s only been in office since 2019. It’s all about control and this “sheriff” wants control. There are 67 sheriffs in Alabama with 23 of them being Democrats and Tyrone Smith is a Democrat. There are 140 seats in the Alabama Legislature, 103 Republicans, 35 Democrats, with 2 seats vacant. I mention this only because a sheriff is a political person, and it has been my experience that Democrats love control. If you know your southern history the south has a history of democrat sheriff’s and “their control” of “their county” i.e. Jim Crow laws. Democrats now only make up a third of the States Sheriff’s and there are only a third of the State Legislature who are Democrats. Democrats are losing control of their people, the control they had in past years.

    As in that memorable quote from the 1992 military court drama film A Few Good Men, “You Can’t Handle The Truth.” Permitless carry is too sensitive and they can’t handle it.

    I believe it is very simple…the south is seeing their tight control being lost, people are getting more individual liberties and these politicians can’t handle the truth.

    P.S. Sheriff Tyrone Smith (D) is Black.

  5. READ THE LAWS OF YOUR STATE! Texas is permit less carry. BUT!!! If a permit holder accidentally carries into the airport/courthouse/etc., they are told to take the weapon back outside. If a permit less carrier takes one in, they are busted. (At the inclination of the officers.) Know your states laws, can not be emphasized enough.

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