Right out of the bat.


When you see a kid acting in a certain way and you just know the parents won’t need a college fund but a legal defense fund.


Fifty cents a round of .357 Magnum? Jeeesus! And that is for the cheap stuff. Buffalo Bore is demanding a buck and a half per round of its stuff. I am going to get a box of Hornady Critical Defense (“Just” a $1.12 each) for social interaction and I guess I have to get some reloading done for fun purposes.

You are dead.

Early voting is up and running. I am going to see if I can do it today at the Elections Commissions Office just because this is Tennessee, and I can frigging carry to the polls.
PS: Schools are verboten.



And this weekend will be the last running of the lawnmower for 2022. Apparently, I have to get rid of the fallen leaves or they will affect negatively the lawn… which by now does not sound like a bad prospect either.

I am getting too old for landscaping .


This is the first complete hurricane season I did not have to participate. Still feels weird, but also a lot of mental relief except for the part where I do worry about my friends in Fair Florida.

But them assholes are tough anyway. And assholes too, I bet they will laugh at me when I am bitching about the miserable cold.

(Makes note: you had a ton of random thoughts to add for this and other posts, but you did not put them anywhere and now you done forgotten. WRITE SHIT DOWN!”)

OK, done for today.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Aleatory Ruminations for 10/21/2022”
  1. I always figured if I can see out the windows the grass dont need mowin…. Leaves eventually keep the grass from growing..

  2. You don’t need to remove the leaves, just mulch them into the grass. Our company has been doing for 20 years with no ill effects.

    1. That’s all I’ve done for decades, mulch everything that can’t outrun the mower, works like a charm. No other maintenance, fertilizer, nothing, just mulch every week. The pros used to recommend muching twice a week.

  3. I can pretty much ignore leaves on the lawn… by the time they fall, the lawn is dormant anyway, and the wind will carry most of the leaves off to Elsewhere (typically a hayfield, where a few leaves are no big deal).
    If we get an accumulation of leaves on actual lawn areas, I might go over them with a lawn sweeper and dump the collected leaves on the compost pile.

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