About Mass Killers: Eventually we hear the phrase “He was known to Law Enforcement,” “He was reported to the FBI a year ago” or some similar variation. And yet, nothing was done to prevent his actions, how come? Because it was politically profitable to allow him to kill.

That is all.

And then there is that namesake that gives you a bad reputation.
October 1970.

Listened to this week’s Michael Bane podcast and he mentions that we are engaged in a Low-Level Cold War inside the US.

I unfortunately have to agree.


Spot on.

And the news that two illegal aliens planned to commit a mass murder event in Virginia but was foiled by a tipster should rapidly disappear from the news cycle. It is very inconvenient to the Administration, especially when one of them has been deported several times and keeps coming back apparently unimpeded. But what should worry you is that you have Illegals emboldened enough to play under the Cartel rules of their country of origin: Guatemala.

Suddenly, the concept of a truck/vehicular gun has achieved a new urgency in my book.

PS: How come most of the Media has failed to report on the multiple deportations is a mystery. OK, not really.

From Righteous to Inmate in a blink of stupid.

The Richmond Police Department reports the situation started when a male panhandler asked a woman for money on Thursday. When the woman declined, the man picked up a chair and hit her with it.

Police said the woman pulled out a gun and started shooting as he ran away, as reported by WWBT.

According to the department, the woman took off from the scene but was later pulled over by a Virginia Commonwealth University police officer.

Panhandler shot at after asking woman for money, hitting her with chair, police say (wsmv.com)

And the sad news that James Cann has departed this world.

Long Live Jonathan E.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Aleatory Ruminations for 7/8/22.”
  1. “Suddenly, the concept of a truck/vehicular gun has achieved a new urgency in my book.”

    I have long wished for someone, anyone, to design (and, hopefully, sell) a fully functional and workable folding stock for Marlin 336s. I’ll even take one that requires some machining on the receiver, but, please, none of the usual WECSOG abominations.

    1. Maybe not a folding lever action, but have you considered a lever action takedown? A google search brought me to The Arms Room which will convert Marlins.

  2. About the mass killers:
    “Because it was politically profitable to allow him to kill.”
    Not sure I can accept that. First of all, that implies a level of evil that I do not see happening at the local level. Not often enough for the number of mass shootings that make the news.
    Hanlon’s razor applies. Do not assume conspiracy when stupidity suffices.
    I am assuming there is some scale, that if the police do not see the needle move far enough, they have to leave the situation alone. There is a limited amount of space in the holding cells and mental institutions, and they are not going to take someone in because they said something threatening, especially if their family fights against it.
    If the police respond to a report, they will document it, but the danger needle might not move enough to warrant an arrest, or other action. Report says they went to the shooters house for a welfare check, or because of a domestic disturbance. Names are taken, but they calmed it down and left.
    Now… the shooter is known to the police, but he remains in the community without any kind of disqualifying mark on his record.
    On the other hand, I absolutely agree there are people out there that can and will recruit disturbed kids to create killers. The terrorist from the religion of peace do it all the time. But, there are not enough of those people embedded throughout the nation to explain the mass shootings across the board. A much more likely scenario is the budget just does not allow for the cops to take action unless it is extreme.

    1. Hmmm. Good points, good points.
      I think I will disagree with one thing: I don’t think it’s the (or just the) budget and space available that limits taking action. I think it’s the paperwork burden, at least in part. If what’s happened in law enforcement is similar to what’s happened in other areas of government bureaucracy, there is an ever-increasing incentive to do fewer “out of the usual” things due to the increased workload it generates. There’s pressure in that direction not self-imposed by the workers, but also down from management to not create additional workload going up.
      Given all of the above, an officer or agent would need to be really, really, absolutely really sure before taking action. Or, you know, just let it go with the thought that there’s a 99.9% probability it will all blow over.

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