I need to carry a notebook again. I had a bunch of little quips and bits for this page I thought I memorized, but by brain decided that it did not need to keep them handy and dumped them somewhere between watching TV and a visit to the john.

I read comments from pundits on TV and other media that people did not care about Brittney Griner found guilty because she is an anti-American black lesbian… which is exactly the only reason they care about her situation and not because it is inherently unjust.
Once again, the advocating of a Two-Tiered Justice System for the politically approved against the Little People does not seem to be unfair to those who lie for a living.


We all need this t-shirt.

CDC expected to ease Covid-19 recommendations, including for schools, as soon as this week – CNN

So, they are going to recommend doing a light version of what Florida has been doing for a year and a half.

I have the strange feeling that the multiple COVID positives and disappearance isolation of the Pederast In Chief might be the precursor of a Leadership Retirement a la Soviet. The only reason it has not happened is because even the Democrats are scared shitless of the successors and the fuck up it may create.

Yesterday was the first election since I became a citizen in which I did not vote. Truth be told, I am still unable to make sense of Tennessee and Rutherford County politics. You cannot get political info anywhere other than the latest ass kissing for the Democrats in Nashville to which I could not give a care.

Let’s see if there is more info for the general elections in November. But just in case, if it has a “D” attached to the name, it is not getting my vote.

Admit it, you have done it also.

It has been said that Church is barely above College Football in the South. I thought it was a sheer exaggeration, but it is not. And I would add that pretty much all sports give the Lord a run for the attention of the people. Seriously, not even soccer fans during World Cop are this frigging dedicated and fervorous.

It can be a bit scary.

And to close this post, my inner 12-year-old has a meme for you.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Aleatory Ruminations for 8/5/22”
  1. “unable to make sense of Tennessee and Rutherford County politics”
    Likewise; got here at the end of 2019, just in time for the Great Hunkering. I don’t understand how state and local government work, but they do mostly seem to work better than their California / Silicon Valley counterparts.
    I keep seeing campaign signs for offices that I can’t make heads nor tails of, and I can’t seem to find a definition anywhere of what those titles even mean.
    Politically speaking, Sevier County is the same as Santa Clara County in an opposite way: my vote doesn’t count here either, because there’s nobody to vote against (back in California, especially under the new rules, there was generally nobody to vote for). It appears that the election that counts is the Republican primary, and that only counts if there’s more’n one candidate, which doesn’t seem to be common.

    1. In other words, the fix is kinda in.
      Which, really, isn’t great no matter who’s in power.
      FWIW, we’re just moving to a new area now and are finding ourselves in a similar boat.

      1. Well… theoretically, the Democrats could put a candidate on the ballot. I guess they just don’t bother, or nobody volunteers to run.
        It’s not like the California “jungle primary” system, whereby many races in the general election end up being between two Corporate-Leftist Democrats (or one Corp-Left and one Soviet-Left). Here, I’m pretty sure the opposition party could run a candidate if it wanted to.
        For a lot of the county offices that I haven’t figured out yet, there do seem to be lively campaigns, so presumably there’s competition at that level… whatever level that may be. (I don’t think “literally dogcatcher” is an elected office here, but a lot of the campaign signs that crop up seemingly every few months to be for things along that line.)

  2. “Biden has covid again”…I think this is code for alzhiemers….. fukkin sad. Difference between animals and people? Animals dont let stupid ones lead..

      1. Beg to differ, next step is Obiden has his head stuck so far up Xi’s ass, we can’t get it pulled out without killing one of them.

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