Martha’s Vineyard Migrants: Chamber of Commerce Declares ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ over Arrival of 50 Migrants | National Review

Since the cream of American Leadership and ultra rich lives or vacations there, it explains why this country is in effing debt.





I need to learn more about refillable credit cards. It seems we will have to used them for a while.


Just when you thought weirs shit only happened in Florida.



What is it with skunks and moving vehicles? I swear I have seen (and smelled) more dead skunks that all other animals combined. Is it that they are used to have bigger animals flee in terror they simply believe themselves invincible till they get splatted by the incoming metal beast?



Not a Glock hater, but this is funny and probably somewhat accurate.


OK, I am outta here. Gonna throw some freedom seeds downrage.

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