Any of us, regular folk would be either in jail or secluded at home, after posting bail and forced to wear a tracking device. Our belongings ransacked and revised for evidence and our lives percolating misery to those around us.  Baldwin in the meantime has refused to turn in his phone to authorities even though the proper warrant was issued for it. But he is special and, of course, he gets to play games or just wait till they go away.

This double standard cannot hold for long. Something will give away and it is not going to be nice. If people believe justice cannot be achieved, they will inflict justice upon those they think deserve it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin is confident he will get away with murder”
  1. I think if that was a regular gal he killed the family would make him thier new best friend….. his car would break down every day, his mansion would be caught in wildfires. His wife would disappear…The high profile of this has made even the stupid people aware of the elite double standard

  2. If news reports are correct (that the Santa Fe Sheriff “is working with the Suffolk County, NY Sheriff’s Office to obtain evidence specified in the Search Warrant”, the perp’s presence in the City of New York is no impediment (other than a drive from Riverhead) to service of said warrant. Unlike some other states (e.g., Florida), a Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff (a “police officer”, as defined in the CPL) can execute a warrant anywhere in the state.

  3. First axiom of politics is applied here as well.

    Baldwin gets away with it because of who he is, and what political mantras he supports. Same for Cuomo, Sharpton, Newsom, etc… etc… etc… When they, or their actions support the leftists narrative, they can do whatever they want.
    With impunity.

  4. This double standard cannot hold for long.

    It’s Been holding long enough to convince people it’s Just the Way it Is.
    Hell, I’ve considered changing my voter registration to
    Untouchable D, it’s like an invisible
    Get outta jail free card.

  5. He may go to jail for obstruction, or some unknown conspiracy after the fact (which is what they seem to be angling for at this point, to try and bootstrap some charge they can support against Baldwin).

    They know they won’t get a negligent homicide conviction this side of Hell freezing over, unless they screen for jurors at the local Hospital For The Hopelessly Retarded, which is why they haven’t tried that line.

    You don’t go fishing on phones two to three months after the act to find evidence of the crime. Nobody’s argued, AFAIK, that he beat the DP to death with his cell phone, right?
    TPTB in NM had all the necessary evidence to support an arrest and indictment within 96 hours of the incident, and certainly beyond all doubt, within two weeks.

    Enjoy your continued frustration. This is nothingburger, as a cherry on top of a tragedy.

    The bigger question, frankly, is why they’re dragging their feet (coming up on three months, and the fingerprints on the lethal round must have been identified by the FBI Crime Lab by this point) indicting the criminally negligent and incompetent PropTwit who brought, loaded, and handed the loaded live firearm (instead of a non-gun loaded with dummy rounds, as required by her job) to Baldwin. They seem to be in no big hurry to find anyone guilty in the death.

    That’s the real puzzler here.

    It’s looking like the yokels there investigating the case are as incompetent as can be imagined, in every way, exactly like the guilty perpetrator. I’m waiting to find out one of the detectives on this case moved there from L.A. after the OJ acquittal. That would be the hat trick.


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