Linda Stasi, of the NY Daily News, wrote a piece about the San Bernardino shooting that is about as detestable a piece of moral equivocation as anything I’ve every seen.

In a nutshell: “Farook may have killed 14 people, but one of this victims didn’t like Muslims or Planned Parenthood and was an NRA supporter, so… I guess the terrorist attack really wasn’t ALL bad.”

Well Ms. Stasi, I didn’t know the victim Nicholas Thalasinos.  His Facebook page is now defunct, so all I can read of it is second hand quotes.  But here is what I know, and what Mr. Thalasinos knew, and what many, many Jews have learned or are learning, and what you are amazingly ignorant to.

Muslims hate Jews.  I know I’m not supposed paint withe a broad brush, so let’s break it down just a tad.  Pew Research Center conducted a poll in a number of countries, about how the people in different countries feel about other religions.

Guess what?

100% of Jordanians hate Jews.

93% of Palestinians hate Jews.

Lebanon its 99%, Egypt is at only 98%.  Turkey, a supposedly moderate state, is at 71% hatred of Jews.  You can get a better country by country breakdown here.

Read news from the Middle East or watch Middle Eastern TV online and you will see Muslim leaders call Jews apes, pigs, disease, filthy, etc.  You will hear how Jews drink blood and steal children.  Cartoons published in the Islamic world are indistinguishable from cartoons printed in the official Nazi tabloid.  Hezbollah claims that it wants to wipe out all Jews worldwide.  Hamas likewise calls for the extermination of Jews.

They name their children after the weapon they use to kill Jews.  They make holiday decorations out of the pictures of terrorist who killed Jews.  They hand out candy and celebrate in the streets when Jews are murdered.  They stab Jewish infants and children to death in their sleep and celebrate the murderers as heroes.

The demand the Muslims kill Jews is enshrined in Islamic holy texts.

Our Children watch Sesame Street or the Disney Channel.  Our children are taught to share and make friends.  Muslim children watch a guy in a bumblebee costume teach them how to kill Jews.

This is the world I live in.  This is the world all of us Jews live in.  This is the world I raise my Jewish children in.  A world in which Muslim leaders call for our extermination.  Every.  Single.  Day.  And if the recent bout of stabbings and shootings in Israel, France, the UK, and US are any indication, the Muslim population is listening.

We’re not the only people to notice.

Even IF only 1% of the Muslim world were radical enough to murder Jews.  That’s 16 million radicals to 15 million Jews, total.

Maybe, just maybe, you might understand why we Jews are starting to get a little cranky.  Why we Jews are starting to arm up.  Why perhaps the Left’s “don’t confuse Islam with terrorism” head-in-the-sand cowardice isn’t really protecting us.  Fighting Islamic antisemitism with tolerance and platitudes gets you a knife in the ribs or a bullet in the back.

I am not calling for the extermination of Muslims.  I’d prefer to life in peace.  But I’m not going to trust my safety and safety of my family to words.  I trust trust my safety and safety of my family to Hornday Critical Defense, Speer Gold Dot, and Corbon JHP.  When I say “never again” I mean it.  With a bullet.

If you can’t tell the difference between hating another group of people because your religion and culture commands that you hate them because of their religion, and disliking (or even hating) the people that hate your for your religion and call for your extermination daily, than you have a serious problem with your moral compass.

By your asinine logic, it’s wrong for Jews to dislike Nazis too.  Or does that make me a bigot?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Allow me to explain…”
  1. If any Jew or Christian (or other non-muslem) can read the koran and not get a firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones, they are deluding themselves.

  2. I don’t think it should matter what religion someone is,it is what they do with that religion that matters,no religion should teach to hate anyone.If it does then it is no longer a religion,because no higher power would ever want that.It becomes just about hate not religion.

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