I, somehow, was able to watch all of that without vomiting or having a stroke.

So here is my counter argument:

It’s not obvious to me that it is in fact wrong to murder pedophiles for sport.

Pedophiles take pleasure in physically harming living human beings (children).

I take pleasure in harming living human beings (pedophiles).

If pedophilia is a sport like kickball then what I want to do to pedophiles with power tools is a hobby like woodworking or yard care.

If pedophilia is sometimes beneficial to children and therefore we should err on the of liberty, and we know that in most (presumably all) cases pedophilia actually hurts children, then murdering pedophiles benefits children and we should err on the side of liberty.

I think there is a much more reasoned argument to be made that murdering pedophiles should be more legal than pedophilia itself.

The people pushing the legalization of pedophilia should hope and pray that they never get what they want.

The day that the law says “it’s fine for a grown man to have sex with your minor child and there is nothing we will do to stop it,” is the day that organized civilization ends.  If society cannot protect children from predation then there is no reason to have society.

On that day the pedophile hunting parties will begin and what is done to pedophiles will make a life sentence in gen-pop feel like a day at the beach.

I can say with absolute certainty, the only regret I would ever have killing a pedophile is that their death would cut short the suffering I was making them undergo.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Allow me to make a counter argument”
  1. “I can say with absolute certainty, the only regret I would ever have killing a pedophile is that their death would cut short the suffering I was making them undergo.”

    That depends on whether you have easy access to a blood bank, & your skill with tourniquets & IVs…
    No amount of drugs & medical intervention would keep a pedophile concious long enough to mete out the kind of justice their desires & actions have earned them but we sure as hell can try our best when that day comes.

  2. Not worth the damage to your own soul to torture them.

    Just put a round in their head, dump them in the earth, and move on.

    That being said: holy crispy crap, it used to be this level of insanity was confined to the darkest fringes. Now this guy feels confident enough to speak like this on the Internet where EVERYONE can see?

    1. Not just on the Internet. In the mainstream press, in the college classroom. In high school classrooms. We are truly seeing the end of the American experiment.

  3. No. What IS going to happen is that Pedophilia will be fully legalized. Not just will children and even infants be able to consent but the rape of children will be fully legal and the parents will be punished for trying to stop it.

    Just like how self defense is illegal in the UK it will be illegal to for a parent to stop their child from being raped.

  4. RE: the breakdown of organized civilization:

    Pedophiles like this forget that the laws of a society create a covenant, and that covenant works both ways.

    They think the laws protect us (and our children) from them. They forget that the laws also protect them from us.

    The vast majority of people still think that child rape should remain illegal. A father on trial for murder after killing his 6-year-old daughter’s rapist will effectively declare open season on pedophiles, by successfully pressing for jury nullification.

    1. Who among us, summoned for jury duty, will vote to convict such a parent? (btw, any slug abusing one of my grandkids, ought to change their name and emigrate to Bagwanistan. Dad will be in a race with Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Step Grandma, and, likely, both uncles.)

  5. Archer: reminds me of an old partner, back on the fire department. Conversation turned to locked doors, and he grinned. Wolfishly.

    “My door is locked, to protect any intruder, from *me*!”

  6. Is Modern Russia experiencing what we fear?


    The Father is still up for inciting a suicide. Possible 6 year rap, “but usually non-custodial punishment.”


    Read this article. The citizens do not trust the Russian Police to catch and punish pedophiles. To try to restore the citizens’ trust, the politicians are grandstsnding and proposing harsh punishments.

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