Four Israelis killed in stabbing attack in Beersheba, terrorist shot dead

Four Israelis were killed on Tuesday in a terrorist stabbing attack at a shopping center and gas station in Beersheba, with a number of others injured in the attack.

According to police, the terrorist ran over a man riding on a bicycle before driving to a gas station, exiting the vehicle and stabbing a woman. He then returned to the car, drove to a nearby shopping center, exited the car and stabbed another man and a woman. He then returned to the vehicle, drove away and crashed into another vehicle, exiting the vehicle and stabbing another person before being shot and killed by a civilian passerby.

The final standoff and shooting was captured by people with cell phones.


When facing a knife, distance is your friend.

A weapon that can stop an assailant with a knife at a distance, is your best friend.

It’s a tragedy that innocent people were killed before two armed civilians were able to stop the terrorist.

Be prepared.

If you are in a place where violence like this is a too frequent occurrence, be doubly prepared.



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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack in Israel: always bring a gun to a knife fight”
  1. I hate to be ‘that guy’ in this discussion, but I was under the impression Israel had fairly obnoxious gun control laws, only mitigated by the fact that almost everyone gets basic self-defense training and the cops will light the bad guys up without worrying about some pencil pusher second guessing them.

    If I’m wrong, feel free to call me out.

    1. That sounds familiar. Clearly it would help Israel to introduce Constitutional Carry and dramatically increase the fraction of citizens who routinely go armed. This news item makes it clear that armed citizens are a good thing but there aren’t enough of them.

    2. @Toastrider: Basically true. I was disappointed that I couldn’t bring my gun when I visited in 2016. 8>)

      Permitees need acceptable training, which is chiefly IDF basic training. I’ve heard that they will accept equivalent training from other countries’ militaries. I was also informed that the further out from the cities you live, the easier it is to get a permit. Other than security guards and police, I only saw 2 OC pistols.

      OTOH, I saw many soldiers with M16 (or equivalents). We saw several school children tours and they had IDF grads for security (2 M16s and 1 large FA kit). That is a popular summer job for folks who have finished their basic time in IDF before they start a regular job or go to college.

      My 2 shekels here.

      1. I remember seeing plenty of soldiers carrying rifles, some apparently on their way to someplace rather than on duty on location. What i don’t remember is whether those rifles were loaded.

        1. @pkoning: From what I saw in the more tourist-y area, the soldiers carried with an empty chamber and a chamber flag. Our rabbi’s brother (who still lives there) said that was to sooth the Karens. Their adaptation was to tie a piece of string to the charging handle to extract the flag.

          I also saw a cop in Jerusalem carrying a pistol with a tether/lanyard and without a magazine. She did have 2 magazines in a pouch, though.

          Most of the soldiers in uniform that we saw were not stationed somewhere, but were walking around just like regular folks. 8>)

  2. I can’t tell if the first guy dancing around with the stabber had a gun or not. He had something the stabber didn’t want to have anything to do with. My motto is, as Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez said, “When it’s time to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.” Or dance

    1. It sure looks like he did…and he’s advancing towards the guy with the knife (why?), who then repeatedly feints an attack. Why did he not shoot? If he was trying to apprehend the guy that was not very smart. And it appears the guy in the rear of the frame does the shooting, hitting the guy in the back and again when he goes down.

  3. Interesting that Shooter waited until Dancing With the Stars was directly behind Stabby before he shot. Dancing With the Stars got lucky he didn’t get hit, too.

  4. Shooting the guy with a knife after he is down would be a very bad thing to do in the US.
    Shooting him “too many times” is just as bad. Ask former CPD police officer Jason Van Dyke.

  5. Be prepared.
    If you are in a place where violence like this is a too frequent occurrence, be doubly prepared.

    Places like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, and (closer to home) North Minneapolis

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