Illinois carjacker kills woman by zip-tying her throat, leaves note saying it was his ‘only choice’: police

An Illinois man allegedly left an apology note in a vehicle he stole claiming he was “deeply sorry for hurting anyone” after killing a woman by zip-tying her throat.

Reese Miller, 24, was caught on Aug. 30 driving a blue Toyota Scion belonging to Ma L. Operio, 61, about three hours after she was found with a zip-tie around her neck that obstructed her breathing, the Harwood Heights Police Department said.

Operio died from her injuries four days later, FOX 32 reported.

Now I know that tye gut reaction from most of you will be, “always carry a gun, that would have prevented the car jacking in the first place.”

Possibly, but this is Illinois. Not just does Illinois make it difficult to get a carry permit, there are do many restrictions, that even in you have one, you might not be able to carry anyway.

Now extrapolate that to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.

In every Leftist run shithole where carjacking is on the rise, concealed carry is difficult to impossible.

Step number one is knowing how to defeat zipties on your hands.


Step two is having a sharp implement that can take a ziptie off your neck.

I always carry a knife.

I always carry a handcuff key too, just in case.

Be prepared to self rescue, because the cops won’t find you for three hours.

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By J. Kb

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