If he was not such a narrow-minded bigot, he could have posted something along MAGA people reading the “wrong” books and could have for an interesting argument about reading materials and how we choose what we read and how we interpret it.

But he went with the preconceived ideas that those not “thinking” like him must be ignorant creatures who do not know how to operate a book, less have use for them or the necessary furniture to hold them.

And I want them to keep thinking like that. I want them underestimating the shit out their opponents.

Till reality smacks them hard and permanently.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “Always play to their prejudices and they will never see you coming.”
  1. Never underestimate your opponent. I cringe and laugh when 2A people call anti-2A laws and legislators “stupid”. Pernicious, yes; intelligent, yes; stupid, not!

    1. Come on, AOC IS stupid. There’s no arguing she’s not. Same with Biden and Harris.

      1. AOC is stupid? She went from broke bar tender to a current net worth of $10 million. I’ve been busting my nuts working full time for 30 years and with the way things are going I’ll be lucky to retire when I’m 70.

        Remind me who the stupid one is here. Cos it sounds a lot like I’m the stupid one. Clearly having morals is an obstacle to getting anywhere in life.

        1. She’s a stupid corrupt tool of the left. They are paying her well to play her part.

        2. Falling upwards is proof of nothing. At best, one can claim she took advantage of opportunities that fell into her lap.

      2. Intellectually stupid. Smart enough to play the right notes to her base. Get elected. Become wealthy. May not make a Mensa list – but she’s not a fool.

        1. Have you hear her speak? She’s a not particularly talent actor playing a part. They literally held a talent call for the nomination. She won because she’s attractive, not for her brains.

          1. A0C won the primary because her opponent did not take her seriously and did not bother campaigning at all.
            And, she won in a district where anything, including a glass of water (thank Nancy P.) with a (D) following its name on the ballot would win.
            As to attractive? I do not see it, and to be honest, the people who claim she is beautiful also claim Lizzo is beautiful as well. So… not exactly taking that as a reason.

      3. A0C IS stupid, and I agree, so is Briben and Mattress. Those people are the puppets. It is the people controlling them that are not stupid. Therein lies the danger.

  2. the whole 2A crowd is a YUGE cringy crowd….
    dear “sir”, you mean books like the Art of War, the Anarchist Cookbook, the Poormans James Bond, History of Guerillia Warfare?? under estimate me, it will be FUN… I don’t even engare “people “ like him. your world holmes, Im just livin in it..

  3. Hm. I still have a bunch of my college physics textbooks, some high school textbooks including Latin and Greek grammars, Homer in the original, a book about VHDL, various machining references, some gun books of various ages, my father’s college chemistry and physics textbooks (in German), a pile of electronics references, pretty much all the books of Heinlein, Neil Smith, James Hogan, Larry Niven, Ann McCaffrey, Dean Ing, Dale Brown, James Clavell, Frederic Forsyth, a 15-volume set of general history books, a 9-volume series of the history of the Dutch Republic (which may have helped inspire the Declaration of Independence), the 2-volume set of The Way Things Work, …

    Yes, underestimate us, will you?

    1. So far this year I’ve read half a dozen novels, as many WWII memoirs, and that many again ancient history texts.
      The one thing you can count on from the left is pseudo-intellectual bigotry. They’re convinced they’re the only people with educations, that disagreement is a sign of ignorance, and, worst of all, that if they don’t know it it’s not worth knowing.

  4. Um, my family added on a room for more books, then gave away a lot, and we still have books filling two rooms, plus what’s in shelves in other rooms. They range from theology to literature (three languages), history (four languages) and science and engineering and fiction. But sure, Mr. Hopkins, you’re right. MAGA types don’t read.

  5. That’s odd. I have no fewer than 7 college degrees, having earned my latest one just last month. My wife has a Master’s degree. We have bookshelves filled to overflowing, and the books have words in them and everything. There aren’t even any pictures in them.

  6. Yep, Mongo dumb.

    Bigot, much, Mr. Hopkins?

    Now, do (black)(gay)(hispanic)(military)(furry)(Jewish)(Catholic) people.

    Let’s see how superior you are to *everybody*.

  7. I am not sure how X/Twitter works. Do tweets get likes?
    I am asking because I want to know how many people “liked” this, retweeted it, or whatever. Seriously, the danger here is not one jackhole demonstrating their bias, but the massive number of people on social media that agree, like, and share that bias.

  8. I suspect he thought he was being clever by slipping in a Mark Twain quote that he thought none of his targets would recognize. Sadly, there is no direct evidence tying the don’t read/can’t read quote to Twain. It’s simply one of those “internet says” kind of thing with an actual first publication date after Twain died. A little research would have told him that.

    1. Confirmed Twain quote: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”

  9. Quick check on my Libib app, shows 1182 books in my collection (most shelved, some in boxes) but it’s probably a little short. I haven’t updated it in about 6 months. And there are currently 47 on my “want to buy” list (again not updated in about 6 months. I’ve just been buying willy nilly without any plan).
    And tomorrow, I’m visiting 2 of 3 of the Powell’s Books locations in the Portland area.

  10. He is stating that MAGA people are stupid. And he is correct. Because MAGA people still think we can VOTE our way out of this mess. That’s NOT happening.

  11. These are probably the same people who are generally confused when they see my extensive home library, and always ask the same stupid question “Have you read all those books?”

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