Hypocrisy is the point.

The point of ultimate power is to make rules that others must obey but you do not.

I remember both the GW Bush and Trump presidencies and how the Left swore they hated this country, rioted, undermined America, and claim the Republicans only won because of dishonesty.

The point is to make up obey a code of conduct where we behave when we lose and they don’t when they lose.

The hypocrisy is the point.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Always remember that for the Left, hypocrisy is the point”
  1. I liked it when it was easy.
    Killing/destroying commie countries.
    Killing/destroying muhammad followers far and wide and close.

    Now, bad guys and gals, in the back yard, front yard and side yards, one in the bed, couple upstairs, driven in the streets, at work, at the store, standing at the head of a downward spiraling republic (whom can barely speak and be aware of what day or year it is), everywhere. Non-stop.


    Nos Defions

  2. The more of this I have to endure, the more convinced I am that this administration is trying to push patriotic Americans to violence.

    Stay frosty boys. Stay frosty.

  3. Ironically, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and other famous philosophers of power would put “hypocrisy is the point” in the same bracket as “don’t get high off your own supply”. It’s the political equivalent of addiction.

    It’s one of those stupid temptations for people in power that erodes, undercuts, and very possibly leads to the end of power. Because the people will ape that attitude- as the old saying goes, “like king, like people”. Even the enforcement of the disregarded rule becomes perfunctory and cynical, tinged with a lot of corruption.

    Smart leaders are very careful not to fall into this trap.

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