Miguel beat me to print with his post about Amanda Kondrat’yev’s 15 day sentence for milkshaking Congressman Matt Gaetz.

But what I noticed about that story is different than what he did.

I agree with Miguel that she was always going to get a slap on the wrist.  I agree with Miguel that she is not remorseful in any way.

What I saw going through her Twitter and Facebook posts what she, and her supporters, felt that she was entitled to throw something at a US Congressman because she disagreed with him.

The consensus on her side is that Gaetz is a whiny, snowflake, pussy for making a complaint that he got hit with a slushie.

The tagline from her Twitter feed is:

Matt Gaetz thinks cups are deadly weapons but guns are cool for school.

This is no doubt part of the Left’s violence dimmer switch.  Throwing slushies or milkshakes barely registers at violence setting number one for them.

But what really pissed me off – like made my blood pound in my ears pissed off – was her pinned Tweet.

I’m sure everyone who reads this Blog know the Gadsden Flag.  The Gadsden Flag is a symbol of liberty.  It is a timber rather representing an armed citizenry telling the forces of oppression to leave them alone.  Liberty.

Her flag is a flag of oppression.  A flag saying that her side will trample wherever it wants and kill all those who resist.

The thing of it is, she’s a fat fucking bitch with an entitled smirk and a GoFundMe.

She’s not a warrior.  She’s a slacktivist with a slushie who hated guns.

What makes her think that she can carry out the reality that her flag represents?

Her 15 day sentence and all the times that Antifa was born treated with kids gloves.  The message that Antifa has received is that they just need to set some cars on fire, loot some store fronts, smash the windows of some banks, and beat a few people with sticks and they can get whatever they want.  The police won’t stop them.  Conservatives won’t stop them.  All it takes is a little violence and their  revolution will be a success.

They are bunch of soft, pudgy fucks who think they are all Che because they’ve met no resistance.

This arrogance is going to make things worse.

How many of the soft, pudgy fucks will think that if all the price they have to pay for attacking a Republican politician is no worse than the fat camps their parents sent them to as children, that it’s worth engaging in violence for a 15 day sentence and a GoFundMe payday?

Eventually something is going to break and these people will have to be cut down to size.

I just can’t  wait to see the looks on the faces of people like Amanda here when they carry their “I’ll tread where I please” flag and throw a milkshake or  punch and the response they get is 115 grains.

You know that they will complain that it’s not fair, all they did was beat some people with crowbars or baseball bats, that’s not justification for them getting shot.

Reality is eventually going to slam into these people at 1,200 fps, the only question is will that come from a cop in a city that doesn’t kowtow to Antifa or from an armed citizen who didn’t  want to have his skull caved in for wearing a MAGA hat.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Amanda Kondrat’yev and the arrogance of Antifa”
  1. It’s the same mentality as the families that go on TV and claim their baby didn’t deserve to be shot/killed just because they were robbing a store.

  2. This is becoming the go to for bad people caught doing bad things. Just because I was (or my baby boy was) doing bad things, that doesn’t justify you defending yourself or your property. I or my baby boy could have been hurt or killed!

    See comments about pregnant woman that defended her family with an AR-15 killing one of the perps who armed with a handgun. Or the family that said that the store employee that killed their son shouldn’t have been armed, that the store employee should have waited till their son left then called the cops.

    Having their son wave a gun at the employee didn’t justify the employee killing their son.

    These people all remind me of the Old Western where the two steely eyed gun slingers step out at high noon to shoot it out. Where the good guy has to wait till the bad guy draws before good guy draws, fires and kills.

    It didn’t happen that way. You don’t fight fair when your life is on the line. It is much more like the town that shot the heck out of the wild bunch when the wild bunch robbed their bank. They did it with rifles, from concealment and cover. Nothing fair about it.

    I keep waiting for the noise when some left leaning thug takes a hunk of pipe and swings at a CCW holder that responds to deadly threat with deadly force. The poor CCW sap is going to be in so much trouble.

    (See the guy that was being stalked by multiple antifa thugs who were trying to surround him, he was trying to disengage, at one point he pulled his jacket back and put his hand on his pistol. He’s in jail, they thugs walked)

    1. On the other hand, the guy who drew his pistol when his car was surrounded during the St. Louis anti-civilization riots was never charged.

  3. “Eventually something is going to break and these people will have to be cut down to size.”

    I hope that when that day comes I have enough beer and popcorn to watch the pantyfa meltdowns on TV.

  4. Its gonna be ugly IF it happens. And I dont wanta be anywhere near it… Until “leaders” get the fact that breaking laws gets eveyone treated the same it wont change

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