This story is amazing:


Right off the bat, I love how this guy says that every law abiding citizen should get a CCW and the report repeats that.

The biggest lesson here is that he kept his wits about him to realize the two guys ribbing him weren’t police and for him to figure out a moment to turn the tables on them.

I’m glad it ended well for this guy.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Amazing self defense shooting in Philly”
  1. to quote firefly (which we haven’t in quite some time): “… every second you’re with me is a chance to turn the tables, get the better of me. Maybe you’ll find your moment. Maybe I’ll slip. Or, you refuse to help me, I shoot your brain out, and I go upstairs …” from the episode Objects in Space.

    Good on him for having the tools and mindset to find his chance.

  2. I wasn’t clear in the report, but the guy was zip tied (or they attempted to zip tie him) and was still able to get his gun out and go to work. That isn’t something you can train for. The kid has good instincts.

    Good reminder to always carry, even in your home, or at least have something close at hand. A robbery like that is very brazen.

    1. As my experienced brothers taught me, never be more than arms reach from a weapon, preferably a firearm. FYI, stainless works well in bathrooms. ;-))

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