The Colonial Pipeline, which is the largest petro-products pipeline that runs from refineries in the Gulf Coast supplying fuel up the East Coast was hit with a ransomware attack.

It shut down and now parts of the East Coast are running out of gasoline.

In, what is perhaps the absolutely worst policy decision in the long, terrible history of Joe Biden policy decisions, a decision so bad it should cost him his Presidency the end of the week, the Biden Administration decided to sit out the East Coast running out of gasoline as a private-sector decision.

Of all the dystopian series that the Left has been drawing from recently, 1984, V for Vendetta, Brave New World, Harrison Bergeron, there was one that I never thought they would bring about, but they just did.

I’ve seen a future in which society is run by a crazy old man named Joe and there is a shortage of gasoline and ammo.

I’m about to move to North Carolina.

Maybe, before I head out, I should get a tanker full of guzzaline and caravan out like this:

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “America is going to be all shiny and chrome”
  1. It’s not even the ransomware that shut down the pipeline. It was an anaphylactic reaction, as Management decided to shut down the pipeline, and thus the region’s fuel supply, As A Precaution.

  2. Well, DOT & FMCSA just declared a state of emergency and suspended several regulations until the pipeline comes back online. You could probably roll through to NC with an Australian land train full of 87 octane and no one would say too much.

  3. You are now faced with a choice:
    A) Join my crew and bolster the numbers, or
    B) Prepare for Fury Road.

  4. Why does any company have computer systems controlling physical equipment that are not air-gapped from non-secure access?

    Re: China Joe’s non-response, unf**king believable. It’s a private matter that Russian based criminals took out a critical energy infrastructure for the entire east coast? This level of attack is beyond the wildest dreams of what Germany and Japan could accomplish in 1942. This is a declaration of war and China Joe can’t be bothered.

    1. Exactly. Anyone who connects critical control systems to the Internet is unqualified for the job and needs to be replaced by someone who has a clue.

      That said, I don’t believe the original story. The reporting here is very clear, there’s plenty of inventory and while there may be some price blips, there is no expectation of supply disruption. If a gas station claims to be out of gas on the day after the shutdown, they must have done that for some reason not related to the pipeline.

  5. Looking at this the wrong way.

    The Burden administration is happy there are gas shortages. Thrilled in fact. They want the companies running the pipelines to request funding from the Feds to get upgraded, or pay off ransomware.

    This funding will come with conditions granting the Federal Government a large amount of control over the operation of the pipeline, likely including flow limits. Need to crank up the cost of driving to push people to electric cars? Piece of cake when you control the pipeline.

  6. Also something I never understand, just like you guys say, why is it connected to the public internet?

    Pretty soon someone is going to have the bright idea to connect a missile silo etc.

    Reminds me of the unencrypted drone footage; they couldn’t encrypt live footage from drones because of a lag so they’d just sent it plain text so to speak. Apparently much like unsecured internet connected web cams and security cams, if you know what to look for, you could watch the stream.

    1. It’s perfectly easy to encrypt live video, strong crypto at those data rates with sub-millisecond latency has been available for over 20 years. I worked on that stuff back in 1996 or so.
      For that matter, video is encrypted on your cable TV system, and between the cable box and the TV (HDMI connection). Given the ancestry those things may well be weak crypto, but the notion that block ciphers have excessive latency merely betrays the ignorance of the speaker.

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