This is a video, originally posted to Facebook, taken in a train in New York City just the other day.

And what has the city decided to do about it?

According to the New York Times, the city is engaged in an effort to ban the sale of fur within New York’s five boroughs.

The bill under consideration would ban the sale of fur, except for used fur or new clothing made from used fur. Violators would face fines between $500 and $1,500 and having any money made selling banned fur confiscated by authorities.

They are going to ban fur in America’s fashion capital.

New York City is the largest fur retail market in the United States, according to FurNYC, a trade group representing 130 fur retailers in the city. The 150 fur businesses in the city create 1,100 jobs and produce $400 million in revenue per year, according to the group.

So NYC is pretty much going to eliminate more than one hundred businesses, many which are generationally family owned, 1,100 jobs, and the taxes off of $400 million in business revenue, but they can’t keep the garbage out of the train cars.

This is the President de Blasio administration.  Your city streets filled with garbage and shit, and your business banned because it hurts the environmentalists’ feelings.

I just can wait.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “America under President de Basio”
  1. Per comrade Wilhelm, the subways are New York State’s responsibly. Not sure who he is going to blame when the whole country look like that subway car. The UN? Not even the women on “The View” could keep a straight face announcing his candidacy.

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