Because if we teach kids that white people are inherently racist and defective, and how America is a racist country built on white privilege, then reading levels in this country will improve.

Everyone loves to sit down with a good book about how all problems in society stem from whiteness and capitalism.

Progressives are like Bond villains, they love to tell you their plan white they carry it out.

One question, which side has been running the school system for the last half century?

It seems like a lot of that illiteracy predates Conservatives trying to ban CRT from being taught in classrooms.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “America’s literacy rates are not a bug, they are a feature”
  1. Teachers are a victim group. But not the type of victim they think they are. They are brainwashed.

    Even our own divemedic is partially brainwashed.

    1) there is no way to judge the performance of a teacher, therefore only degrees, university credits, and years of service should be used to judge a teacher.
    2) teachers are over worked. They put in so many hours at school then take their work home with them.
    3) they aren’t respected! They do a job nobody else wants to do and nobody gives them the credit they deserve.
    4) they are under paid. An average salary in my state of 61k. But that doesn’t include benefits nor is it hours adjusted. Hours adjusted it is around 88k with around 500 hours of time for a second job.

    And on and on. I’ll put in around 7 hours of work today while my lady enjoys a week long vacation.

    Normally I’d do more, but I will spend extra time with my lady today.

    P.S. my commit about DM is based on his statement of “you can’t judge a teacher by how well their students do”. He is a sharp cookie and likely has a better view of teacher culture than most

  2. Well, yes. Stupid people are indeed easier to manage. Even if they become restive and recalcitrant, a stupid person’s options are limited. Smart people on the other hand tend to be much more dangerous, both directly and indirectly.

  3. How many teachers are reading below a 6th grade level?
    Probably about the same 54% +/- 10%.
    How many are just as innumerate?
    I had great teachers in the 1970’s in the best suburban public school in the Twin Cities. I was there because my Mom and Dad moved us to that suburban district. We had several teachers that fed your desire to learn.
    We also had a time serving hack that taught “Popular Paperbacks” for an easy grade. Fill out a book report form for each book read. Three gets you a D. Four for a C. Six for a B. Eight for an A. She gave one 20 minute lecture the first day in that entire semester, and otherwise sat in her chair at her desk for 55 minutes reading in every class period. “She was setting a good example.”

  4. If over 1/2 read at a 6th grade level, of folks as old as freaking 74, I am not an educator, I do not play one on TV, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night, BUT! that seems to me to predate both overt CRT, as well as that racist idiocy being taught in schools, by not less than 2, perhaps 3, generations.

    Maybe, it’s not trying to keep CRT out of schools, that is the problem.

    Maybe it is “professional” educators.

    Inquiring minds, want to know!

  5. … we have an epidemic of illiteracy…

    Incorrect. As was drilled into us at the start of COVID, an epidemic is localized and isolated to a specific area.

    What we have is a “pandemic of illiteracy”. It’s everywhere, in every Leftist-run school district in the nation (which is nearly all of them).

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