Amy at the NRA

Meet Amy, she wants to repeal the Second Amendment.

She’s also wearing a t-shirt supporting nations that are world leaders in state sponsored terrorism.

She doesn’t believe that civilians should have “things that could kill people in an instant of a second.”

Yet we’ve seen in Israel, Europe, and the US what happens when immigrants or their children from the nations on her shirt get their hands on knives and rental trucks.

I guess what she is advocating for is more successful terrorism in the West.

3 Replies to “Amy at the NRA”

  1. So many are making fun of how clueless the protesters are. This is how we lose. They are gathering voters and we are calling them out for not knowing what they are talking about. The funny thing about voting is that the votes count, even if the voter is clueless. We need to be reaching out and educating instead of making fun of them for being clueless, or we will soon find our rights voted away.

      1. Rubbing their noses in it is not how you bring people into the fold. Remember, it isn’t the believers we are trying to win over. It is the people sitting on the fence. If all the fence sitters see is us making fun of people for not knowing the difference between a clip and a magazine, we come across as mean spirited grammar police.
        Instead, take someone to the range. Be nice. Win hearts and minds.

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