I don’t know anything about this company other than the email they sent us.  I looked at their site briefly and saw that they had all sorts of calibers listed but they were out of the calibers I expected them to be out of so not a “We have everything!”

I can’t find Jack’s name in our user list nor do I remember him commenting.

If you buy from this guy and it is a scam, please let us know and I’ll mark this post with a warning.  If you buy or have purchased in the past, let us know as well.

Good luck.

Hi AWA and J. Kb,

I’m looking to partner with a couple gun-friendly bloggers on a Black Friday promotion and thought you might be interested.

Basically, we’re offering ammo below cost on Friday – like $.20 per round 9mm delivered. I think a lot of your readers who shoot would find value in knowing about the deal and I’d like to make it worth your time too. If I can send you some ammo to shoot yourself, please let me know. I’m certainly not looking for a handout here; I’d much rather partner with authentic bloggers than some spammy, bot-created drivel that reaches out to me.

To give you an idea of what we’ll have, here are our featured deals:
• 9mm Ammo – 500 rounds 115 Grain FMJ – $100 (.20/rd delivered)
• 5.56 Ammo – 500 rounds 55 Grain FMJ – $160 ( .32/rd delivered)
• 40 S&W Ammo – 1000 rounds 180 Grain TMJ – $270 (.27/rd delivered)
• 45 ACP Ammo – 1000 rounds 230 Grain TMJ – $380 (.38/rd delivered)
• 380 ACP Ammo – 1000 rounds 95 Grain FMJ – $270 (.27/rd delivered)
• 22 LR Ammo – 3330 rounds 36 Grain CPHP – $200 (.06/rd delivered)

The ammo will appear on our specials page at 9 a.m. (ET) Friday morning. (https://www.cheapammo.com/ammo-specials) Last year most calibers sold out before Cyber Monday. Because of the pricing, we can’t name the manufacturer but all of these will be brass-cased options so most shooters will be comfortable knowing they’re getting a great deal.

If you think there’s any room to work together, please let me know. We’re a young company and I would like to find help spreading the word if I can afford it.

In any case, thanks for considering us; I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one.


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By awa

5 thoughts on “An Advertisement for Ammo.”
  1. Over $500 for 1000 rounds of .223 aint much of a bargin… $547 for 1000 rounds of .45acp is beyond stupid money… jmho. Buyer beware n all that

    1. Not sure where you’re finding those numbers … The cpr in the post above look lower.
      Re the company, as best I recall I’ve never dealt with them so, no other data I can add.

  2. The only thing I’m buying right now is primers and powder. I don’t know if those prices are good bad or indifferent. I have looked and they do have a good SSL certificate at this time.

    Not quite true, there are a few calibers that I’m buying because it is easier to buy a box of cartridges than to find and buy cases for some calibers.

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