CNN decided to further their gun control narrative using the opinion of an American Jewish expatriate in Germany, and it is one of the worst things I have ever read.

Halle survivor: Gun control saved my life

Of course, CNN would publish this.

And let me guess, this is going to be like every article about Right-Wing terrorism written by someone on the Left that starts with “Since 9/11…” because they can fudge the numbers in the direction they want once they leave those 3,000 American deaths off the body count.

The author is going to explain how gun control in Germany is ackchyually good for the Jews, once she ignores the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews in East Germany under the Soviets, and her timeline begins on August 30, 1990.

I decided to visit Halle, Germany, shortly after moving to Berlin. I am one of a growing number of Jewish expats in Berlin, excited by the cultural outlets of the city, the cheaper rents and the diverse and open-minded Jewish life. Two weeks ago, an opportunity arose to visit a small, Russian-speaking Jewish community from the former USSR living in Halle to spend Yom Kippur with them. Our delegation was supposed to bring life and song to one of the most important days on the Jewish calendar.

What the fuck is she talking about?  What “diverse and open-minded Jewish life” is she finding in Germany?  German Jews are fleeing the country for Israel saying there is “no future for Jews in Germany” because of the rising number of attacks on Jews.  She’s going to ignore the whole history of Jews in Europe before last week

We had just begun the Torah portion Wednesday when we heard the first explosion. My eyes moved from holy words to unholy smoke billowing in the courtyard. My instincts, conditioned by Parkland, Pittsburgh and Poway, forced me under the pew, before my brain understood what had sent me there.

My eyes fastened on another American, also in lockdown posture. I knew she was thinking what I was: another synagogue massacre. We were living what has become a distinctly American nightmare, only we were thousands of miles away.

Again, what the fuck is she talking about?  She must be very specifically talking about synagogue shootings because Synagogues across Europe are being firebombed, especially in France.  In Sweden, the culturally enriching migrant population enjoys throwing grenades smuggled in from the Middle East at Jews.

And don’t get me started on all the stabbings of Jews in Europe.

I guess she’s only worried about getting shot in Synagogue, not stabbed, blown up, or burned alive.

The cantor then translated what he had seen: A gray van and a man suiting up in full protective gear. Homemade explosives thrown over the wall. The man holding a gun. A Good Samaritan shot. His inability to get through the door. The guns jamming. The explosives failing.

While the courtyard walls and door held strong under his attack, it is Germany’s restrictive gun measures that saved us.

Our attacker had a limited arsenal of self-built explosives and submachine guns. While he may have used these self-styled weapons in an attempt to prove their efficacy, it is also quite possible it was because he had no legal access to anything better.

That last sentence has to be the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever read.

This is from an article from Vox:

This week a German regional court ruled that the 2014 firebombing of a synagogue in Wuppertal, a region just east of Düsseldorf, was an act of criminal arson, but not anti-Semitic. Instead, the court found it was a protest against Israel, even though the synagogue was obviously not in Israel and those who worship there are Jews, not Israelis.

The decision upheld that of a lower court, which stated the perpetrators, a trio of Palestinian-born German residents, wanted to “call attention to the Gaza conflict” when they prepared and then lobbed Molotov cocktails at the synagogue one July night in 2014.

The Far-Right asshole who tried to kill Jews on Yom Kippur wasn’t hindered by Germany’s gun laws as much as his own incompetence.  Muslims in Germany don’t build complex contraptions, they fill glass bottles with gasoline.

In France and England, they also use drain cleaner, battery acid, and knives.

Back to CNN:

In Germany, gun ownership requires training, an application and psychiatric evaluation. Every three years gun owners are subject to a re-evaluation of their capacity to own a firearm, and assault weapons of any kind are not available for purchase.

I didn’t know any of this while I waited in that hallway. No one told me Halle would not be remembered on a list of synagogues massacres only because the terrorist lacked access to weapons capable of mass murder. If there were ever a clear encapsulation of why gun control is the only effective measure against mass shootings, it would be Halle. Please remember it.

This is the gun control blind spot 101, ONLY think about deaths from gun violence and nothing else.

Gun control may, emphasis on ‘may’, have worked this time, but violent attacks on Jews is increasing in Europe and the Jews have been rendered defenseless.

The evacuation had been spurred by a second murder, inside a nearby döner (kebab) shop. At that time the police believed it had been a coordinated attack; we later learned it was the same gunman who had attacked us, with antisemitism at the synagogue and Islamophobia at the döner shop.

Even in the chaos of evacuation, I understood that the attack was more than antisemitism, that in white supremacist language, Jew is code for all minorities and conspiracy theories. Using language like “antisemitism” to condemn the gunman’s motivations is too narrow. Merely to tighten security around synagogues in response is too isolationary, and misses the lesson of Halle.

If we are to build walls around synagogues, we should also build bonds with our neighbors.

Therefore, I stand with communities of color, migrant communities, feminist alliances, Muslims and fellow Jews. I fight for better gun control. And I name and condemn the larger forces of white supremacism – of which antisemitism is certainly one – that animated the acts in Halle.

I really hope for her sake, that when she is attacked and raped by a bunch of Muslims “protesting Israel,” they are gentle with her.

This girl is so far off in La-La-Land with her Leftist ideology she is a danger to herself and others.

This is no Muslim-Jewish alliance in Europe, the Muslims are attacking the Jews across the continent.

Here are a few articles from The Times of Israel on this topic:

At massive UK PalExpo, they’ll play BDS bowling, learn to ‘decolonize Palestine’

Anti-Semitic attacks in Europe in recent years
A unifying thread links the terrorists who’ve targeted Europe’s Jews

National Review also has a great article on this:

Don’t Blame the Surge of European Anti-Semitism on the Populists

Is the re-rise of Right-Wing antisemitism a problem in Europe?  Yes.

That is one danger, but it is a danger compounded by the Leftist ideologues who use it to ignore antisemitic Islamist violence.

The previous attack on a Synagogue in Germany was a Muslim man wielding a knife yelling “Allah Akbar.”  If you remember that correctly, he was not arrested for what he did and if the aforementioned arson case is precedent, all he would have had to say was that he was trying to stab Jews to protest Israel, and the German courts would have let him walk.

This attacker was a bumbling idiot.  It wasn’t gun control but his own incompetence that kept his attack on the Synagogue from being a bloodbath.

German (really all of Europe, except for the Czech Republic) gun control means that Jews in Europe are unable to defend themselves and must rely on police who really don’t care about protecting Jews.

The British police who protect Synagogues are not allowed to carry guns so are notorious for doing little more than blowing a whistle while Jews get beaten in London.

I’d rather have the ability to defend myself, and if the Knife Intifada proved anything, it is that concealed carry is a very effective tool against being murdered by a Jew-hating terrorist.

This girl, who is clearly a worshiper in the Synagogue of Progressivism, and CNN really don’t care about Jews who are stabbed, beaten, burned to death, or killed with hand grenades, just as long as they are not shot that is all that matters, because it’s not about saving innocent lives, it’s about pushing gun control.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “An American Jew in Germany publishes an opinion devoid of facts and historical knowledge”
  1. “In Germany, gun ownership requires training,” – Not correct. You need a 16 hour class room course. It’s more theory than practical as you need to only handle the gun correctly and fire at least one round at a range. I know because our store offers this kind of “training”. If done correctly it’s a good way to know the law but it is not “training”!
    “an application and psychiatric evaluation.” – You don’t need to apply, you either have a hunting license or are part of a shooters club. And the “psychiatric evaluation” is only required for sportsman under 25 who want to own a “large calibre” (anything other than a .22 rimfire) gun. It’s more of a joke, really. Also this does not apply for a hunter.
    “Every three years gun owners are subject to a re-evaluation of their capacity to own a firearm” – Not texactly true, as there’s a passive “background check” at least every three years. You also have to renew your hunting license every three years and in theory sport shooters should train a couple times every year – but noones checking as there is not enough personel.
    “and assault weapons of any kind are not available for purchase.” – I can buy an AR15, no questions asked, with my hunting license. Hell, I can buy a dozen at a time (there’s no limit on the hunting lecense) but that will lead to questions beeing asked 😀
    It’s more complicated for sport shooters as they can only buy two guns in 6 months and have to ask the sport club for permission (which is to be granted if they are training a couple times a year – it’s more of a formality) to get one.

    You also can get fully automatic firearms but that’s more complicated and for the ease of the argument not possible in Germany.

  2. “This girl is so far off in La-La-Land with her Leftist ideology she is a danger to herself and others.”

    Reminds me of Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, US citizens hacked to death bicycling across Tajikistan by ISIS.

    Also reminds me of my roommate who won’t fucking lock the house doors at night, even though I lost 3 family members in a home invasion robbery that occurred in the wee hours.

    “Evil is a make-believe concept”. Yeah, right.

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