David Wynn is a Facebook friend and penned this. I am reproducing with his permission.

In light of yesterday’s HORRIFIC incident in Pittsburgh, I have a question for my Jewish family and friends…
Listen… like most normal American Jews, I have a justifiably negative opinion of the Hasids. Most of us have had a negative experience with our Hasidic cousins who think they’re better than we are, and that we’re not real Jews.
But that being said, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
One thing the Hasidic Jews actually have right is the Shomrim Patrols.
Much like the Israelis, the Hasidic Shomrim Patrols leave no Jewish facilities unguarded.
With GUNS.
They even go far (in typical Hasidic fashion) as to bribe the NYPD for pistol permits to make that happen.
They are determined to have men with guns at every Jewish facility in Brooklyn, even if it means breaking the law to do so.
And when was the last time you heard about a Jewish facility in Brooklyn being attacked?
NO ONE who would want to mess with the Hasidic in Brooklyn would dare to actually do it.
Why? Because they know they’d get shot by them.
I was in a Facebook group yesterday, and an Israeli member of the group was absolutely shocked to learn for the first time, because of this incident, that American synagogues don’t have armed guards in them during Shul services on Shabbat. He was absolutely flabbergasted, and demanded to know why American Jews would be so stupid as to leave their holy facilities unprotected.
When my father was clergying in Connecticut, at least one or two members of the congregation were always armed during every single service. Usually, it was myself and at least one of the cops who was a congregation member. Same with every house of worship I attended while on active duty. As soon as they found out that I was a Marine Infantryman, I was asked to carry during services.
So the Israelis have learned this lesson, the Hasidic have learned this lesson, and the Christians have learned this lesson.
Why hasn’t American Jewry? How come MY people are too stuck in their political ideology to learn to take practical steps to reduce or stop horrific, evil, tragic incidences like this from happening?
American Jews feel plenty safe in Israel. There are Israeli soldiers walking around everywhere with machine guns, and every historical or cultural location you go to, and every house of worship you attend, has either a soldier, a cop, or a normal citizen who is packing an insane amount of firepower.
And NO normal American Jews feel uncomfortable about it when they visit.
I have literally NEVER spoken to an American Jew who felt uncomfortable about the level of firepower that they witnessed in people’s hands and strapped to people’s bodies everywhere they went in Israel.
So how come they flat out REFUSE to arm themselves OR allow others who are well-trained to carry their guns in Shul here in the States?
How come they don’t even authorize Shomrim Patrols?
How come, in the era when people can literally PRINT a functioning AR-15 or a machine gun off of a 3-D printer in the comfort of their own home, American Jewry is still stuck on this insane, archaic idea that they can successfully legislate guns out of the hands of neo-Nazis (who typically know how to make them in a machine shop anyways), and they don’t need to allow other trained, willing Jews to carry in our houses of worship or community centers.
I want an American Jew who believes in gun control to seriously answer this question for me. I’m open to hearing your logic.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “An American Jew questions his brothers and sisters in Faith about self defense.”
  1. Seems like some of it is on the same level of stupid as saying that teaching women self-defense is ‘victim blaming’. In this case it’s “We shouldn’t have to protect ourselves, teach those people not to attack us!”

  2. I am not religious, but I sympathize with your anguish and your plea. My heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their families. May they rest in peace.

    . . . . . .

    You asked this question: “So how come they flat out REFUSE to arm themselves OR allow others who are well-trained to carry their guns in Shul here in the States?”

    Of course, those pro-gun-control persons to whom you are directing your question will not be able to provide a cogent response to your question.

    There is no negative answer to your question that will be logical. Logic dictates that when the enemy carries a sword, then you must also carry a sword.

    Perhaps now those individuals who hate guns and wish that they didn’t exist will see that they are living in a fantasy world. It is time to accept that, as an individual, you are your own best defense. If you won’t or can’t carry a firearm, do not deny your brothers and sisters the right to do so.

    I hope that this sad turn of events will galvanize those who are still Democrats to vote for the party that is pro-self-defense. They may like a lot of the democratic platform, but it is a fool’s errand to hope that the democrats will stop trying to ban firearms.

    . . . . . .

    If you will excuse me, I would like to offer this example:

    The governor of Virginia, while governor, was pro-gun and signed some good bills, even though he was a Democrat. Then, he got elected to the Senate. Now he is bought and paid for: 100% anti-gun in all of his votes. He voted against Justice Kavanaugh, also. That is telling. When you are in the Senate, if you don’t toe the Democrat party line, you will be punished.

    So, even though your friends may like many of the things that Democrats espoused in the past, the Democrat party has turned into a heavy-handed monolith determined to enact a socialist state in America. They wish to proceed with their socialist agenda unimpeded. Please try to convince your democrat friends that, if they can’t bring themselves to vote Republican, at least they should stay home on election day.

  3. I have found for liberal Jews they are liberals first and Jews second. What they fail to realize is that everyone else seems them as Jews first.

  4. Unfortunately, it isn’t (yet) true that you can print an AR-15 at home.
    I found the description of Hasidic practice interesting, I was not aware of that. They aren’t the only ones, though. Robert Avrech has described orthodox practice in his community — and he lives in California. For example, he mentioned that at his synagogue, they don’t have armed guards, but rather armed members. That’s a particularly good answer, of course.
    His essay “Jew without a gun” should be read by everyone.

  5. Aaron Zelman was unmistakably correct, yet hardly anyone listened.

    So keep on hoping, ignoring the evil that exists. And dream your unicorn and rainbow dreams, ignoring the reality of “No one is coming to save you”. That’s going to work out great.

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