7 Replies to “An answer so simple even a caveman would get it. Politicians? Not so much.”

  1. I’d actually point, first and foremost, to the first amendment. This is about freedom of the press, not about the particular widget described by the publication in question.

    1. One way to handle this is to print the design file, as text in a book. That’s been done before: way back when the US Government tried to treat encryption programs the same way they treat missiles, they went after Phil Zimmerman, author of the famous PGP program. To circumvent attempts to restrict export of software, he publishes the program text in a paperback book, which was printed; some copies were then sold to customers outside the USA, who scanned it and thus recovered the program text.
      More recently, the EFF published the full design of a DES encryption cracking engine in the same way. A paperback of a CAD file would be straightforward to do. EFF probably would not be interested, but SAF might be. The detailed approach can be copied from that EFF book, since it is in the public domain and besides explicitly encourages such copying.

  2. As a sitting senator, perhaps he’s heard of this little thing, often referred to as “The First Amendment”? Now, in order to avoid horribly losing litigation, often government agencies enter into negotiated settlements. Kinda like this one. Kinda like this case. As you described it, “so simple, even….”

    1. Bill Nelson, like most other elected Democrats, thinks the 1st Amendment only applies to antiwar protests, child porn, and burning flags. Other interpretations are as foreign to him as physics is to a clam.

      1. Nice metaphor.
        A while back I observed that “self defense is a natural right: even mushrooms understand self defense”. Which demonstrates that most politicians are stupider than mushrooms.

        1. “Stupider than mushrooms” — well, I just sprayed beer on my computer. I hope you’re happy!
          —funniest thing I’ve heard today!

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