As a Florida boy, I am familiar with Hatian machete fencing. It’s known as tire machete, which is Hatian-French creole for “pulling machetes.”

Hatian machetes are a type of machete often called Latin machetes. They are designed to cut sugar cane. Sugar cane is very tough, most similar to bamboo shoots.

A short Latin machete will easily take of an arm with a single blow.

I’m terrified of machete attacks.

People don’t generally survive them, and if they do, they end up with multiple prosthesis.

If someone challenges you with a machete, you pull a gun and you put bullets in them as fast as you can until they stop moving. That is the only way to walk away from a machete fight.

At least in Florida, you can carry a gun. This is Maryland, where getting a carry permit is still difficult as hell.

Everyday, I come down more and more on Constitutional Carry became watching people practice a Hatian or Rwandan style mass murder of Jews, no Jew (or anyone else) should have to wait for months to get a carry permit.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “An antisemitic video that scares me”
  1. I wonder if they practiced raping and torture as well. Those are also part of the Haitian and “Palestinian” tradition of “resistance”.

  2. “unprecedented “ THE most over used word EVER. welcome to liberal run America…. the war on whites is heating up. remember kids- you are your ONLY first responder… and after the gunfire subsides (if you are white) YOU will be prosecuted and punished for defending you and yours.. maybe, MAYBE, if We the People vote right, this will change… be aware.. something doesn’t smell right, stop.
    stay away from crowds..

    1. “Unprecedented” is now the most over- and wrongly-used word in America. Amazingly, it has even surpassed “literally” for improper use (literally! 😀 ).

  3. So much for jiu-jitsu being “the gentle art”.
    I used to question the wisdom of training with and carrying a karambit for self-defense after seeing the kinds of wounds they can inflict when used for that purpose. Long and deep, with serious damage to muscle and sinew, sometimes cutting clear to the bone. I also read of a self-defense case where the severity of the wounds came up at trial; the prosecutor implied it was excessive compared to the “unarmed” assault (the karambit-wielding defender was found innocent, even with the wounding — IIRC, his attacker was MUCH larger and military-trained, chased him down and was slamming his head into a car — because nasty cuts pales compared to traumatic brain injury or death).
    A karambit might as well be safety scissors compared to a machete’s wounds. “Cutting to the bone” is not at all on par with “removing the limb”.
    Ergo, I agree: Someone pulls a machete for anything other than cutting vegetation, they need to get ventilated.

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