I’m sorry about the quality of this morning’s post. I read it this morning and was, “Did I write this piece of bleep?”

When I started reading the opinion of the Seventh Circuit Court, I was not expecting anything in favor of The People or the Second Amendment. I remember the oral arguments.

What I remember about the oral arguments was the level of disrespect the panel showed to the plaintiffs. How the snark came through in their questions, how belittling they were to the plaintiffs. I remember listening to them attempting to turn semi-automatic rifles into machine guns.

Every excuse I read in their opinion was making me more and more upset. An AR-15 is not a machine gun. It cannot be readily converted to a machine gun. If that were the case, the ATF would have already done it. Any claim that an AR-15 can be banned because it is readily convertible to an M-16 is garbage.

The court is supposed to follow the instructions of their superior court. In this case, the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has instructed them on how to process motions and appeals regarding preliminary injunctions and TROs. The very first step is always, always, to look at the merits.

That means they have to look at the merits. They have to do the analysis. They have to do the work. They did not.

My ranker kept growing. In the end, I did not do a professional job of analysis. I’m sorry. I will attempt to do better in the future.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “An Apology”
  1. We all have off days. Yall have the patience of saints to wade thru that court crap. I look at very little of it as it infuriates me.. keep us knuckle draggers informed. Go shooting, always makes me feel better.

  2. Thanks, AWA, for doing what you do.
    Those in positions of authority are contemptuous of those under that authority at their peril.

  3. Now Now, Awa, the trouble with good people such as yourself, is you have a moral conscience. The leftist progressive justices know that “Professionalism” is exactly why they can insult and be condescending to The American People, and conservative judges; treating everyone who will judge correctly and justly, with disrespect, insulting their intelligence. You had to get in the mud brother, because that’s where they are, and they’re hoping you would not get in the pit with them.
    I say, bravo, you spoke the dirty truth. And you had to get in the grime to do it. We must get dirty, war is hell.

  4. No apologies necessary. There are quite a few professionals that were driven to much harsher language than you used over that piece of tripe.
    The lemonade is this is likely going to give an even stronger result at SCOTUS.

  5. Seems to me that trying to accurately and completely (as is your style) describe a circus clown act in the center ring gets a bit difficult. I think the graphic said it all but the details. Apology? For what?

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