After the IDF successfully rescued four Israeli hostages on Saturday  Hamasniks in the west had a temperature tantrum and started mass intimidation of Jews.

Toronto, Canada:


New York City:


Washington DC:


What is it that these places have in common?

It’s almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to get a gun, and more importantly, a gun with the features that are most useful for self-defense against a mob, i.e., an assault rifle and/or high capacity magazines.

These are places where the police have been rendered impotent by politicians and law abiding Jews can’t protect themselves.

These Hamasniks know that they can intimidate and threaten Jews to their heart’s content, with no threat to themselves.

They are no different than the Klansmen who intimidated blacks after passing gun control that stopped blacks from owning guns.

When potential victims of intimidation are armed, shit like this doesn’t happen.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “An armed society is a polite society”
  1. And also: in both cases (Hamas supporters and KKK) the Democratic party was the one supporting them and enabling their evil.

    1. The Klan was the militant wing of the Democrat party. They attacked people for voting Republican, not just for being black, Catholic, etc. Jim Crow was started to force freedmen from elected office — they were all Democrats — and secure Democrat power.
      If you look at the things the left complains the most about American history, you’ll almost certainly find it was a Democrat policy.

  2. And, remember, when an islamic terrorist kills a bunch of innocent civilians it is wrong, ABSOLUTLY 1,000% double special wrong to assume it has anything to do with islam, and no muslims should be treated differently in any way.

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