An overdo followup

About a year-and-a-half ago I covered the shooting of Justine Damond by Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor.

At the time, I thought that he was a massively unqualified “diversity hire” to appease the growing Somali immigrant population in the Twin Cities.

Yeah, it’s so much worse than that.

‘He fired with tragic accuracy’: U.S. cop who shot dead Australian woman in her pyjamas after she called for help ‘intended’ to murder her, lawyers say

Prosecutors are trying to bolster the murder charge against the former Minneapolis police officer accused of using ‘tragic accuracy’ to shoot dead Australian life coach Justine Damond Ruszczyk.

Mohamed Noor initially was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the second degree, but prosecutors have asked a judge in Minneapolis to add a more serious second degree murder count.

‘There is probable cause to believe the defendant committed second degree intentional murder and the State respectfully requests that the court grant the State’s motion to amend the complaint,’ prosecutors wrote in Thursday’s filing.

‘The circumstances surrounding the crime show that the defendant acted with the intent to kill.

‘He fired at Ms Ruszczyk from no more than six feet (1.8 metres) away.

‘He fired with tragic accuracy, managing to send a 9 millimetre bullet across his partner’s body and through the narrow space of the open driver’s side window.

‘His bullet struck Ms Ruszczyk in her torso, five inches above her waistline, and caused nearly immediate death.

‘As a trained police officer, the defendant was fully aware that such a shot would kill Ms Ruszczyk, a result he clearly intended.’

I thought that he had shot through the door, as in the bullet passed through the body panel of the door.

He fired through a partially open window into Ms. Damond’s stomach.  That is about a level trajectory.

I can see why prosecutors are saying it is more than just an accidental discharge, which is what I thought it was earlier.

I had to get this report out of the Daily Mail because what I am seeing in the US on this is a near media blackout.

I really want to see what happens to Noor at trial.

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