I said that my brain was mostly dead. I couldn’t even copy and paste correctly.

The brain is mostly dead. I marked this article back in December 2023 for reading and writing about.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, there are at least four primary ancillary rights that arise from the plain text:

  1. the right to train with firearms
  2. the right to purchase firearms
  3. the right to purchase firearmsthe right to make firearms
  4. and the right to acquire ammunition
To illustrate, one of the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment’s text is the right of free speech. But that right also protects a host of other ancillary rights such as the right to paper and ink, the right to print and sell newspapers, and the right of access to the public square (or social media). Similarly, the U.S. Supreme Court has found that the right to counsel guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment implies the right to pay for a lawyer, or to have counsel appointed in serious cases for indigents.
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3 thoughts on “Ancillary Rights (UPDATED)”
  1. Should #2 or #3 be right to build? I understand that the right to purchase is important but…?

  2. The right to muster, associate and train for community defence should also be protected, but it’s pretty well discouraged by groups of dudes with short haircuts, dark glasses, polo shirts and khaki shorts.

  3. You, along with most people, are wholy wrong about the 2nd Amendment.

    1. American citizens have the right to train with arms (‘arms’ defined as ‘weapons and armor and ammunition’.)
    2. American citizens have the right to purchase arms.
    3. American citizens have the right to make arms.
    4. American citizens have the right to carry arms.

    So, well, knucklebusters of any make and variety. All bladed weapons. All mass weapons. Bows, crossbows and the things that they shoot. Slingshots and rubber band shots. Grenade launchers. Cannon, yes, cannon and the ammunition to feed said cannon. Armed vessels. Fortified homes and compounds (fortified with cannon and mortars and guns and trebuchets and ballistae and catapults and your mom and whatever else you want.) And whatever body armor or vehicle armor you want.

    All of the above, without the permission of any government or any other person than The Big Guy Upstairs.

    All arms control laws, including carry restrictions (especially in gun-free zones) are explicitly against the 2nd Amendment. Which is the individual right to keep and bear arms that we all have that is above any government working within the Constitution’s boundaries.

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