Majority of victims of antisemitic crime in NYC are ultra-Orthodox, Hasidic – report

An estimated 97% of the 194 antisemitic hate crimes documented were carried out by people belonging to other minority groups.

Most antisemitic hate crimes against Jewish people in New York City were targeted at Orthodox or Hasidic Jews and were perpetuated by people from other minority groups, a new report has found.

Overall, 194 cases were recorded in those four years, with 154 being physical assaults and the other 40 verbal. 22% of crimes were committed by teenagers and 23% were committed by a group of two or more people.

An estimated 97% of the 194 hate crimes documented were carried out by people belonging to other minority groups. Furthermore, 94% of victims in antisemitic incidences in those four years were Orthodox or Hasidic Jews, the report stated.

Nothing will be done to stop this.

The identity politics of the Left means that we can’t even acknowledge this as a problem.

The only time the Left will  stand up against antisemitism is when they can use criticism of antisemitism to bash the Right.

This is why I am, and will always be, an advocate for self defense and concealed carry.

You are your own last line of defense, especially if you are Jewish.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “And consequently nothing will be done about it”
  1. and also the reason this and the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ movement dropped off the media radar.

    There was a ‘report’ put out a bit back trying to pin the ‘majority of hate crimes’ on ‘white supremacists’. But if you actually read the report, they included ‘verbal’ or ‘insinuated’ comments/actions made by politicians or media personalities to pad the numbers. Most of the actual violence was committed by minorities as well.

  2. And it will get worse now that those “kind hearted peaceful tolerant “ liberals have decriminalized any “child” under 12….. it will become up to the victims to put a stop to it. We the People are letting this shiite go on, “you get the level of crime you put up with”…

  3. First off, if there aren’t love crimes, then there aren’t hate crimes. (See: up and down, hot and cold)

    Second, I will continue to pack heat and train.

    Third, I don’t believe these numbers even without TantivV’s comment. Like the WuFlu, they’re too easily manipulated by people with political agendas.

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