By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “And countless engineers and product liability lawyers just sh*t their pants”
  1. A Fritz special makes sense as a all weather gun when glove use is a regular thing. I think it is no coincidence that the fritz special faded out of use as central heating and automobile heaters became more effective and common.

  2. Then again, my Mini 22 doesn’t have a trigger guard at all. (I suppose being SA makes that not quite so scary, but it does give me pause every time I pick it up.)

  3. Honestly – while I’d never do this; With the right light, that is big enough to act as a guard, it’s probably “safe” enough.

    1. Nope. The amount of space from the front of the trigger at rest to the back of the front of the trigger guard has to be enough to get your fat finger in there without causing the gun to go “bang”.

      My guess is that he shaved off at least 1/4in so when the weapons light is up tight to what is left of the guard, there is less room. So it is more likely that when he sticks his bugger hook in there he’s going to pull the trigger when he doesn’t expect to.

      Bad modification all day long.

  4. At least it’s not as hideous as the legendary Glock 22 Bubba special. Still a Darwin Award in the making

  5. If any “accident” happens, mark me: It will be used to sue the manufacturer, PLCAA be damned.

    Hopefully Springfield Armory can get and keep screen-shots of posts like this. “No I cut it off to mount a light” sounds like an admission of after-market (read: warranty-voiding and liability-assuming) modification to me, and evidence that the gun came off the assembly line with an intact trigger guard.

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