They are not going to be comically incompetent ED209s but robot dogs.

And of course, they start because of COVID.

Where do you think this will end?

What will they not use robot dogs to harass us about?

This is a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle.

Policing people with walking drones is the way of the future.

I want SLAP and rocket launchers before the Karan Dogbots are given guns.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “And here comes Robocop”
  1. If these things are remote controlled, a judicious application of RF interference would help. Even if they are autonomous, a good zap might do it. The guts of a microwave oven along with a modest dish antenna would create a lot of trouble for most electronics, unless carefully shielded.

    1. 40s&w and 45acp?

      Iz pistol ammo, iz teh suck.
      You just need some lightweight kevlar to stop those completely.

      M193 and/or M855, from even a relatively short barrel, is much harder to stop.

  2. Take a lesson from the ewoks, and tie both legs together. Yank briskly, and apply spray paint.

    Then customize as indicated.

  3. Since we’re going down the road to Fahrenheit 451- may as well get the mechanical hound assassination bot too.

  4. SLAP rounds are unreliable and potentially very dangerous to the shooter.

    Rocket launchers on the other hand are a better, safer option.

    I’d love a nice selection of recoilless rifles and ammunition.

    But for armor piercing, m855a1 and m80a1 available to the public at .gov contract pricing would be nice too.

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