This is what an emasculated society looks like.

Lancashire Police Department Facebook page:

The inside of what they call a Knife Amnesty Bin where knives can be turned in. 
knife ammnesty lancashire

knife ammnesty poster
Your local Boy Scout meet would send the Lancashire SWAT team into a frenzy. Heck, myself I’d be paying £ 15,000 in fines just on my EDC.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “And I wept for Great Britain.”
  1. 7 out of 10 teens showing up with knife wounds being stabbed by their own knives doesn’t mean knives put you at risk.

    How many teens DON’T show up in the emergency room because they were carrying knives?

  2. I’d be in so much trouble there. Just took a count of pocket knives on my desk: 4. I’m not even going to count the knives in my pants pocket. If those cats were to enter my house, they’d faint from shock.

    I like knives. A lot. I have a small collection. Everything from an 18in Bowie to a couple of check out knives from Gander Mountain. My favorite is the Barlow I got from my father that he got from my grandfather.

    I like knives.

  3. So, a bunch of folks toss in corkscrews, and at least one Leatherman Micra (one of the single must useful items I have ever purchased).

    It’s stupid. Whoever decided to post that picture should be fired. It makes the “amnesty” effort look ridiculous.

  4. However, the jihadists in the UK still keep their dull knives for their on the street beheadings. Then there were the London riots where the bobbies withdrew and were useless. So, how’s that citizen/subject disarmament approach working out for them?

    Just think what I could do with my EDC knife or firearms on one of those turds if they tried something like that here in the United States?

    I have no respect for the disarmed bleating British sheep. They get what they deserve for lacking in fortitude. Winston Churchill would bitch-slap them if he was around still.

    For me, just try to take away my firearms, OC spray, TASER, kubotan, or my multiple knives and we will have a BIG problem. Molon Labe!

  5. Ever notice in the UK anti-knife propaganda it’s always kids with shitty kitchen knives. You don’t see fixed-blade fighters, or even modern locking folders. Sorry these laws work just as well as gun laws, because a UK gang member isn’t going to worry about these minor laws and pack a Chinese-made pairing knife in his pocket when he has murder on his mind.

    And again, don’t let ANYBODY think the antis would stop if they banned all guns, they’d go for your pocket knife next if they got everything on their current wish list.

    I knew an Aussie who collected Swiss Army knives. He kept them at home…you know the place where you HAVE a knife, corkscrew, screwdriver, scissors, and toothpicks. So stupid.

  6. Remember the British kicked Churchill’s government out in July 1945. That was the thanks he received from the British People for defeating the Nazis.

    They also kicked Margaret Thatcher to the curb in November 1990, after the Fall of the Soviet Union.

    Britain ain’t Great.

    1. To be fair Churchill was elected again as PM from 1951-55 IIRC. And Thatcher was replaced as PM by her party, not the electorate.

  7. ‘7 out of 10 teens showing up with knife wounds being stabbed by their own knives doesn’t mean knives put you at risk.’

    Not so sure of the of the term ‘stabbed’ vice ‘cut’, either way, 7 of 10 is surely low – virtually everybody I know has cut themselves with their own knives, I know NOBODY who went to emergency after being cut by somebody else (unless you count the poor bastard who married my ex, he called me after she stuck him. She tried to stick me, but I took it from her and got a divorce… Hah, I did laugh when he called), knowing lots of people who work with their hands and sharp objects, those who went to emergency, 10 out of 10 were cut with their own.

  8. I took one look at that wine-opener and shuddered. Thank god britain got that maniac’s weapon off the streets!!

  9. When I heard that a knife with a blade over 3″ that opens easily and locks will get you nicked IN NEW YORK CITY I knew that the cancer has spread :^(

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