Babylon Bee could not come up with this absurdity. I feel like we should kidnap those two and toss them inside a Knife show somewhere to see them scry and shrivel into a fetal position in the nearest corner.
And then we take the to a gun show.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “And in the formerly Great Britain…”
  1. “but but but, we made a LAW!!! I have 3 or 4 like that and 3 Bowie knives, 2 boot knives, 4 smaller sheath knives, 2 giant machete blades…. these guys are morons, clueless about the real world. fuk em

  2. They believe a law constrains behavior … when in reality, for at least some people, it is the fear of repercussion from breaking that law that provides the constraints. (There are those who follow rules because, well, that’s what you do. I’m one of those, more or less, but that tendency has decreased as I’ve gotten older and seen more of the real world.)

    1. Wait until they start registering cricket bats.
      BTW, the name is now Formerly-Great Britain, at least until Scotland and Wales secede and Ireland is unified.

      1. @Jack M Feldman: It was not that long ago during mostly-peaceful ™ protests in London that buying aluminium bats from Amazon was banned. They have unrealistic views on the efficacy of written words.

  3. These are the degenerate descendants of a society that used to control a large percentage of the entire world.

    1. The oddballs left (colonies), and the boldest of those that remained were destroyed in World War I and II.
      These are the descendants of those that stayed behind.

  4. Let’s see if I have this right.
    The fat one is “terrified” because the other talking head is holding a knife.
    It is pretty obvious that they have been working together for a long time. If there was no level of trust, they would not have the rapport they demonstrated. I am sure he was not “terrified” before the knife was exposed. So… why?
    My guess. Indoctrination.
    The population as a whole has been taught to fear the object, not the person holding it. It’s in the news, on TV shows, etc… Saw the news, and a police sergeant said “if you carry a knife, you are putting yourself at risk.” At risk of what was not mentioned, but arrest is what was implied.
    The UK is lost. All of this gun control, knife control crap is just feeding the muslim invasion of Englandistan. With the situation as it is, no muslim will ever see so much as a fine for carrying a knife, but I know a natural born UK resident would go to jail for posting a picture of a knife on line.
    My recommendation, stay away, and do not invest in UK companies. That land is lost.

    1. Yeah, if that was the most frightening thing he’s ever had in his hand, he’s never done work that requires labor. I’d prefer a pitchfork as a weapon to that thing.

    2. Well, my answer would be that despite the two working together and each being completely trustworthy, the fact is that like guns, knives, ALL bladed instruments for that matter, have minds of their own. Those minds are malevolent and are therefore threatening and dangerous, even in the hands of good, trustworthy people. For that matter, they are dangerous just sitting in a display case or, God forbid, right out there in the open on a table or desk! Why, I’ve read that pieces of bread or cookies/biscuits that have been bitten into the shape of such shapes as knives or guns are themselves capable of inflicting serious harm!

      No wonder the humans are afraid. With all those bladed instruments of horror running around and attacking people it’s a wonder anyone is safe mowing their grass or eating in a restaurant. And, horrors of horrors, when humans discover they drove to work sitting in proximity to multiple rotary devices of whirling blades they will seek to ban all engines and air conditioners. Aliens are not our worst enemy. Malevolent bladed devices, capable of violating Newton’s Laws of Motion, will be the death of us all!

    1. in some areas of America We the People would say-“ oh look, idiot brought a knife to a gun fight”…. heh heh. this video is a great tool to show how propaganda works, demonize the TOOL, not the user..

  5. I’m busting a gut that the guy holding the knife is terrified. It looks like a stupidly shaped machete I wouldn’t buy for cutting weeds.

    1. He’s holding the thing — what does he have to be terrified about?
      Unless he thinks it’s just going to jump itself out of his hand and start cutting him up. Like guns here that “just go off” all by their own selves. *smh*

  6. They wrote a law that knives with writing on the blade are banned, but the exact same knives, sans writing on the blade, are legal?
    What’s to stop people with rudimentary hand tools from sanding or grinding the writing off blades they already own? Y’know, like our own domestic criminals do with firearm serial numbers and microstamping marks.
    What, exactly, was the purpose of that law, that they wrote in loophole big enough to drive a lorry of machetes through?
    Although it was interesting how he made a big deal of how it’s a “scary, black blade”. Just like the anti-gun people here make big deals of “scary, black rifles”. If it weren’t painted black, would it suddenly be “less” whatever they think makes it dangerous?

    1. Grinding off the writing would likely go into some sort of “altering or removing a serial number” type crime.

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